Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lu.pron Day 10 Appointment

I had my appointment at the RE's office today.  My little "date" with Mr. Wandy (ultrasound wand) went quite well.  My body seems to be playing nice.  My lining today was nice and thin at 3 mm, which is good.  My ovaries were "quiet", which was also good.  There were 8 follicles on each of my ovaries, which I guess is a decent number.  Somehow, I thought there would be more, since at my last ultrasound on 2/9, I had 17 on the left ovary, and at least 11 on the right.  I suppose we don't want too many, or risk OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome) which would be bad.

So everything looks good so far.  My Lu.pron dosage will be reduced to 5 units starting tomorrow, and I will start my stims (stimulation drugs) of Me.nopur and Follis.tim on Friday.  This will be a fun time of side effects, I'm sure.  It will be a fun trying to figure out what is the side effect of which drug!

I found out from the nurse today the with IVF, our usual calculation of menstrual CDs (cycle days) kind of gets tossed out the window.  While on Lu.pron, we use "Lupron Day", as in today is Lu.pron Day 10 for me.  Then when stims start, it will be considered "Stims Day" X.  The age of an IVF baby would be counted from the day of egg retrieval.  Totally different from non-IVF babies.  The nurse also said that when we are released to a regular OB, they send the OB all the information about egg retrieval dates, etc to help figure out accurate due dates.  The nurse also suggested researching an OB now and that I should also consider a midwife or doula,  so I will need to start working on that.

After my meeting with the nurse and ultrasound technician, I was sent off to get my blood drawn.  Of course Helga was there.  She took my vial of blood without much incident, thankfully less painful than the last time.  Still, she could use some work on her bedside manners.  Still rough and just as crabby.

After my appointment, I ran some errands and was really tired by the time I got home.  I took a nap and woke up with the worst headache ever, even though I have been faithfully wearing my Phi.ten necklace!  I know I promised I wasn't going to talked about headaches anymore, but this was bad.  Maybe it was a migraine, I'm not sure.  I took some Tyle.nol and that seemed to help a little.  I thought with being off BCPs my side effects would hopefully subside, but no such luck I guess.

I always thought my body could handle drugs really well with little or no side effects.  Not so sure about that now.  I'm not looking forward to the addition of Meno.pur and Follis.tim to my routine!


  1. I didn't really have any side effects with the follistim. Just some nloating when the follicles got bigger. Sorry to hear about your headaches. I get them alot too.;(

  2. Glad your appointment went well. I know the drugs suck...but think of how worth it it will be when you get your BFP!!!!

  3. I heard Menopur burns but I took all my meds together in one shot so it didn't hurt for me. Watch out for the burning if you take it by itself though

  4. I didnt realize they could see follicles in the ovaries before you start taking your stims??

  5. I'm glad that your appointment went well. Hang in there - the side effects of these drugs can make you think that you're going crazy! I nominated you for an award, please check my blog for details.