Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lazy Follies

I had my date with Mr. Wandy (ultrasound) and Helga (blood work) today, day 6 of stims.

My lining was 5mm, which is good.  However, my follies are lazy.  I have 10 small follicles on each ovary. 10 small.  Small.  I would have thought by now my follicles would have been at a measurable size, especially since we double the dosage of Meno.pur.  Dang lazy follies!
I suppose the one good thing is I now have 10 follicles on each ovary instead of 8 since March 2nd.  So I grew 4 more follies in 8 days.  Yay!!  Grow follies, grow!

I will continue my regimen of 5 units of Lu.pron and 2 vials of Meno.pur in the morning, and 300IUs of Follis.tim in the evening until my next appointment on Friday.  They will decide if anymore adjustments will be needed then.

I asked Nurse Amy when she thinks my egg retrieval will be.  Most people have the HCG (trigger) shots after 9 to 12 days of stims.  At the rate of how my follicles are growing, the nurse estimates that I would need 12 days of stims.  HCG shot is 36 hours before retrieval, so I am estimating that my ER would possibly be March 18th.  We'll see.

Helga drew my blood again today.  I'm starting to think that she is the only one that will be doing all my blood draws.  Not so excited about that.  I decided to switch and have my blood drawn from my right arm instead today.  My left arm was still sore and bruised from the last couple of visits.

As soon as I told Helga I wanted my to use my right arm this time, I started to panic!  It just occurred to me that I have never used my right arm for blood draws before this, ever!  I have always been so proud of left arm as I have never had any problems with it.  I noticed that my right arm does not have a nice visible vein that pops out a little, like my left arm does.  Suddenly horror stories of people being poked multiple times in the veins unsuccessfully came to mind!  Images of black and blue arms flashed by!

Argh!!.... what was I thinking?  Of course I was too embarrassed to switch arms by then.  Fortunately, Helga had no problem with my right arm.  I noticed that it hurt more after though, since I use my right arm more.

After the appointment, I called the pharmacy to refill my Meno.pur, plus I filled the rest of my prescription needed for the rest of the cycle:  Tetracy.cline, Va.lium, Endome.trin and Vi.velle.  Total cost: $296.95.  Again, thank you insurance company!

A side note: I have been experiencing headaches in the afternoons for the last couple of days.  I think it's the double dosage of Meno.pur.

I'm praying that my follies will behave and keep growing.

Come on..... Grow follies, grow!!


  1. Come on follies grow grow!! Sometimes it takes longer but then you get super healthy eggs.. keep the faith!! I was reading the bit about the blood test and had to skip to the end when you said all went ok.. hate blood tests!! I am glad all went ok! Menopur rocks, with my first cycle I did 6 vials for 8 days to get 10 eggs! I have faith in this drug!! :))

  2. I was totally like you when I was stimming. Things were not moving along at all...then they adjusted the dose of Follistim and BAM! There they were. It's all a matter of finding that sweet spot! Good luck!

  3. C'mon follies GROW!! Hey, at least you have a bunch so when they do decide to kick in hopefully you'll have a ton to pick from!!! Thinking of you, and sorry about those headaches...that's no fun.

  4. no worries! those puppies can grow like crazeee in just a few days, and then you won't know what hit you!! hang in there :o)

  5. 10 on each side is good and hopefully they mature at a steady rate. good luck girl!!

  6. oh please oh please grow!!! I just found your blog...and its good for me to read what you are going through. Good luck with it all!!!

  7. I hope those follies grow, grow, grow!