Friday, March 12, 2010

Getting Some Action

I'm finally getting some action..... in the ovaries.

Today's appointment went well.  My lining today is 9 mm, which is great.  I need a minimum of 7 mm to sustain pregnancy.

So far, 9 follicles have responded to the meds.  They are now measurable, meaning they are 10mm or larger.
    Right ovary: 13, 12, 12,12, 11 & 10
    Left ovary:  10, 10 & 10
Looks like rightie is winning this race.

I am to continue my same dosage of meds: 5 units of Lupron and 2 vials of Meno.pur in the mornings, and 300IUs of Follis.tim in the evenings.  I am hoping that more follicles will grow within the next couple of days.

I go back on Sunday for another ultrasound and bloodwork. Because the clinic has very limited hours on weekends, the only time I am able to get in is 7 am in the morning.  7 am!!

Of course, we must not forget that this Sunday is the beginning of Daylight Savings Time, which means we spring forward one hour.  So, technically it would be a *6 am appointment.  Meaning I have to leave the house by 5:30 am!

Yikes!!  I am already so not a morning person, and having to be at a *6 am appointment really sucks!

I only have 3 cartridges of 300IUs of Follis.tim left, enough to last me through tonight, Saturday and Sunday nights.  Depending on how my appointment goes on Sunday, I may or may not need another 300IUs of Follis.tim for Monday.  Because the mail order pharmacy my insurance approves of is only open Monday through Friday, I would need to order more meds today, to get it in time for Saturday or Monday.  My nurse today advised me to refill my Follis.tim today.

While driving home, I thought why would I want to refill and pay for meds that I may or may not need for Monday?  At shots injection class, we were told that each Follis.tim cartridge comes with an overfill of 75IUs.  I have 3 cartridges of leftovers right now, and 3 more unused ones.  That means I would have enough for 300IUs from the overfills if I need it on Monday.  I wouldn't need my refill then.  I called the nurse and left a message, and she called me back later this afternoon.

She agreed that it would make sense to use up all overfill first.  I thought that we could withdraw all the overfills into one cartridge so we would only need to do one shot using the pen.  However, she was concerned about air getting into the cartridge and then the dosage might be off.  So she suggested using the the overfill first before using a new cartridge, meaning I would need to do 2 shots, one from the old cartridge with the overfill, and the second from a new cartridge, still amounting to a total of 300IUs.  I would need to do this 2 or 3 nights.

Two shots to save $100 in co-pay in meds I may or may not need?  I'm all for it.

We should know by Sunday the status of my follies.  If all goes well and I am ready, I may be triggering on Sunday night and egg retrieval would be on Tuesday!!

Again, we'll have to see how Sunday goes.  Will keep you updated.

Grow follies, grow!


  1. i know - those weekend visits are ROUGH!! 2 of my weekend ones were right AFtEr huge snowstorms and we had to trudge through few feet of snow to get to the clinic. i figured for sure that all the women or couples would get their late. NOT SO. the waiting room was FULL each time!!

    i find myself muttering, quite often, these kids better LOVE ME rotten!!

  2. Grow grow grow, follies!!! :-)

    I had to piece together my last few Follistim doses as well. I had to stick myself three times one night! No fun, but like you say, it's better than paying for more!

    Sending lots of baby vibes and dust your way!


  3. Looks like it's all heading down the right path, especially the lining. Now little follies we need some nice juicey ones pls!

  4. The follies are GREAT size! HOW EXCITING!!! I am praying for them to grow grow grow!!!! My left side produced NOTHING my last round...what is up with our LEFTIES?