Thursday, March 11, 2010

Box O' Meds, Part Deux

Guess what the UPS guy dropped off today?

My box of meds with my Meno.pur refill and meds for the 2nd part of my IVF cycle.
From left to right:
  • Vi.velle (estrogen) patches
  • Endome.trin (progesterone) suppositories
  • Diaze.pam (Va.lium)
  • Tetracy.cline (antibiotics)
  • Refill of Meno.pur
Notice there are no PIO meds.  Yippee!!

I am hoping this is the last of the meds I will be needing until I get my BFP!

Today, my friend E and her 2 1/2 year old daughter went out for our monthly girls' lunch out.  We always go to this Sushi and Chinese buffet place.  It's a great place for $9.99 a person, and we also have a coupon for $5 off for 2 people.  But the kid eats free.  How can you beat that?

I pretty much stuffed myself silly.  Not such a good idea as I am already bloated from the stims.  Well, this was possibly the last time I could have sushi with raw fish for a very long time.  Nine months, and most probably longer.  I'm praying that this is the case, of course.  We'll probably still come here for lunch every month after my BFP, but I will just have to avoid the ones with raw fish.  But oh, I sure do love the ones with raw salmon!

Today was also fun because E and I were able to talk about baby and pregnancy stuff (She knows about my upcoming IVF).  Like how she would pass down some of her baby clothes to me (her youngest is almost 9 months), and how I may buy some of her baby stuff like the jungle gym play mat, breast pump, bouncer, etc.  All this contingent on me getting a BFP, of course.  But it was great to be able to actually talk about baby stuff, morning sickness, and maternity clothes, and know within the next month that it is a very real possibility that I could actually use all these stuff.

Today, I feel bloated.  My ovaries feel "heavy" and there are some small movements and twinges in there.  It feels like my ovaries are having a party down there, and I'm not invited.  I'm hoping that this means my follies are actually finally getting off their lazy butts, and starting to grow. We'll find out more tomorrow at my appointment with Mr. Wandy and Helga.


  1. Good luck for this cycle but defanatly think by the sounds of it there might be some lovely follies happening!!

  2. Good luck at the appt tomorrow, I think those twinges sound like good things are happening...I know I could feel mine on injects (and on cd8 i have 6 follies so no wonder), I think I said the exact same thing to there was a party going on in uterus! hah!