Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Almost Perfect"

Here's the update on my appointment with Dr. Hopeful today.

Dr. Hopeful had Julie, the u/s technician do a vaginal u/s first.  I was told the u/s would be pretty clear so if it looked 100% perfect, then we would not need to do the SIS.  The thickness of the uterus lining was good, though I  did not ask what the measurement was (I thought maybe 6 mm? Not sure).  I have 17 follicles on the left ovary and 11, possibly more on the right.  This means I a good number of follicles that could potentially produce a good number of eggs for retrieval.  An excellent number of follicles overall. This whole time, I was looking at the u/s monitor, but could not make out anything other than my lining.  I wish they would take some time to show me exactly what they were seeing on the screen, but I know it's not standard practice.  I'm just a very curious person and like to know what I was looking at.

It turned out from the u/s view, my uterus was not 100% perfect, so Dr. Hopeful wanted to go ahead and do the SIS, just to be sure.  I was starting to get worried but she assured me no need to get all worked up yet until we can be 100% sure.  The u/s wand was removed, the speculum inserted (my least favorite part!), the cervix was cleaned out and the catheter was inserted.  She then injected the saline solution through the catheter.  I experienced some cramping, but not bad though.

Julie reinserted the u/s wand and the image of my uterus showed up on the u/s monitor again.  This time I could see an almond-like shaped cavity on the screen similar to the one below.  The image on the left is before, and the one on the right is after the injection of the saline solution into the uterine cavity.  The images below are not of my actual sonogram, just something I found off the internet.  I wish I had asked for a copy of the image, but didn't.
According to Dr. Hopeful, the uterus looked good.  Though not 100%, I am about "99.5% perfect" as there were some "fluff" in my uterus.  I guess it is normal when you are on birth control pills, which can cause that.  

I guess I also have an "easy cervix".  Sounds kinda naughty don't you think?  Having an easy cervix is good, makes it easy for the embryo transfer.

Somewhere in all the action, the trial transfer took place.  Not sure where, but I guess it was all rolled into one.  I had to wear a pad before I left the clinic as I leaked a little after.  I'm still a little cramped here and there, but not bad.  Felt a lot like when I did my IUIs.

So I'm all set for IVF.  "Almost Perfect" is good enough for me.

Next steps:  Shots class and nurses consult next Tuesday, a week from now.

**Note to self:  I should bring my camera with me to future appointments, just in case.  As I was getting dressed after the procedure, I stared at the u/s monitor and wished I had my camera with me so I could have taken a picture of the images from the SIS that will still displayed on the monitor.  


  1. Well, almost perfect sounds pretty darn perfect to me!! Here's hoping that easy cervix (lol) of yours makes for a super easy transfer!

  2. Yeah for being all set and cleared to go for IVF! I am glad that everything went smooth today! That is a great antral follicle count!!Hope your shots class and consult go well next week. I look forward to hearing about them.

  3. Yea! For good news & moving forward with the IVF!! Continuing to pray for smooth sailing!

  4. Good news that you are moving forward. Almost perfect is pretty darn good.

  5. Last Dr. appointment my DH printed a picture of my ovary while I was getting dressed. He snuck it to me in the car and said "my future babies are in there". I was like yeah good job, now that Dr. is never going to see us again because we stole a picture of my ovary :)

  6. Almost perfect is certainly good news! And that is a fantastic number of follicles. I'm so glad that full day is behind you now and you can move forward to the next steps!