Friday, February 12, 2010

Tote Giveaway - We Have A Winner!

Thanks to all you wonderful people for playing in my first giveaway.  Your bucket lists are so fun and creative!  I really enjoyed reading all of them.

My Babe randomly picked Sarah from Infertility and Me for the winner of my first giveaway.  She has chosen to receive the Thomas Paul Tree Tote.
Congrats, Sarah!  You'll be looking snazzy with this tote!

These were some of the items on my bucket list before the giveaway.
  • Scuba dive with whale sharks (I attempted to do this once, but we didn't encounter any)
  • Scuba dive with manta rays
  • Swim with dolphins in their natural environment
  • Sky dive (again)
  • Bungee jump (again)
  • Visit Tibet before it gets even more commercialized
  • Take a train ride on the scenic railways of the Swiss Alps
  • Go hang gliding, parasailing, cave rafting, and Zorbing
Since the giveaway, I've been inspired to add these to my bucket list, thanks to some of your wonderful ideas.
  • Get a tattoo (still trying to convince my Babe to let me do it, maybe for my 40th birthday)
  • Go on a hot air balloon ride
  • Learn to speak, read and write Mandarin (Chinese) fluently
  • (Re)learn how to play the piano
  • Cruise and camp in Alaska
  • See the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)
  • Travel, travel, travel....... 
Again, thank you all for participating.  It was so much fun and I hope I can do more giveaways in the future!

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