Saturday, February 27, 2010

IF Buddy

I met up with my friend Ro at our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch today.  We used to work together at my last job, and after I left we met up for lunch to catch up and found out the we have a common bond, issues with TTC.

Ro and her husband had TTC for a few months, but no luck.  She was also experiencing some pain, but her OB was not very helpful nor too concerned.  Then she had found out that she had stage 4 endometriosis.  So she wasn't happy with her OB and wanted to find a different doctor.  I recommended Dr. Nice, the doctor that performed my laparoscopy and last hysteroscopy, to her.  She saw him and was very happy with him.  Dr. Nice performed surgery to remove some large cysts from uterine cavity.

The last time we had lunch, she had just completed her surgery.  She was put on 6 months of BCPs to see if her cysts returned.  After the 6 months, if the cysts didn't return, she could TTC naturally.  Today, I just found out she just had an ultrasound with Dr. Nice recently and her uterus is all clear.  Yay!!  So now she is all clear to TTC naturally.  Ro was told that because of her endometriosis, it could be difficult for her to conceive naturally.  She will try naturally for 6 months, and if nothing happens, she will move on to fertility treatments.

I am praying that Ro will be able to conceive naturally.  No one should have to struggle to have a baby. Though I wish she and I were not in the same boat, I am glad we are able to share this journey together.  It's so nice to be able to talk to someone in real life, face-to-face about TTC and actually being able to relate.

A wonderful thought came to mind today!  Wouldn't it be great if both Ro and I got pregnant right around the same time, her naturally and me via my IVF?  How wonderful that would be?  To be able to experience pregnancy together after struggling with TTC.  We both got really excited about the possibility!  I love my lunch dates with Ro!

On another note, my hot flashes kicked in again tonight as I was making dinner.  What is it about cooking and hot flashes?  Dang!  I should have just let my Babe take me out to dinner tonight!

I am still experiencing some mild headaches today though I'm wearing my Phi.ten necklace.  Just enough for it to be annoying.  Ok, 3 days straight of complaining about headaches and hot flashes is enough.   We'll just assume it's a given that I will have those with loopy Lu.pron.  I'll report on other side effects instead in the future.


  1. It would be so nice if you and Ro could be pregnant together. I'm hoping for that myself. My dearest is starting to try for her 2nd - 1 month after our scheduled first IVF. Here's to hoping!

  2. Sending lots of love you way and also to Ro. Its awful to walk this journey, but the road is much smoother with friends like Ro at your side. They understand things the "outsiders" don't.

    Praying that this cycle is a positive one for you and that Ro get's her miracle as well.

    Many HUGS and all those hot flashes and headaches will be worth it in the end :)


  3. I agree that is makes things much easier to have a friend to share this craziness and heartbreak with. Hoping you and Ro get good news about the same time! ((HUGS))

  4. You're so lucky to have someone IRL to talk about IF with, and I'm so hoping you can both get those BFPs and then can talk about all things pregnancy!!!

  5. most of my girlfriends are single and still go out drinking 4-5 nights a week, so they cannot relate. the few who have kids live on the west coast, so i wish i had someone nearby!

    hang in there, aside from the hotflashing and headaches, seems like you're doing well so far!

  6. It is so nice that you have a friend who understands the TTC/fertility issues. I hope you both have luck soon.

  7. That would be great to have someone to go through this with. GL to you sweetheart.

  8. i'm so glad you have someone to talk to IRL. i wish i had someone besides my poor hubby. tell ro i'm sending her good vibes! i hope you two get to share your pregnancy journey together!

    my hot flashes have subsided. as of thursday, my lurpon dosage was dropped to 10 units so that's probably why. hope you get out of the hot flash phase soon!

  9. It's wonderful that you have an IF buddy to share with. I wish I did, or still do. My IF buddy surpassed me. She's 2 kids ahead of me now. :-(

    Ooh! I have a Phiten necklace too. I kinda abandoned mine for more interesting jewellery. I wonder if you could wear it around your ute to increase fertility. ;-) Hope those loopy side-effects go away soon!

  10. How wonderful to have a friend to share the journey with. (Not that IF is an enjoyable journey to be shared). It's just nice to know that you have a real person you can talk to!

    I am crossing my fingers for your next IVF cycle!!

    Hope the headaches subside soon.