Tuesday, February 23, 2010

To OB or Not To OB?

So, I'm trying to decide if I should start looking for an OB.  The only OB I've been to is Dr. Brown (not his real name). I've named him Dr. Brown because he kind of reminds me of Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) from Back To The Future.

I saw him about 5 years ago after about a year of TTC on our own, and nothing happening.  I was looking for an experienced OB who specialized in infertility.  I looked around and found Dr. Brown because his clinic and the hospital he practices in is close to home.  He put me through some tests including an HSG and my first hysteroscopy to remove a polyp.  I was on Clo.mid for a few months when I decided I didn't want to waste anymore time and went to see an RE instead.

So now, with my IVF coming up in a few weeks, I am starting to wonder if I should start looking for an OB.  I don't really want to go back to Dr. Brown.  He was OK, but his experience, i.e. age also concerns me a little.  He seemed a little forgetful then, and I would hate it if he suddenly decides to retire.

A friend of mine also sees a doctor from the same clinic and it sounds like they want their patients to rotate to see all the doctors in the clinic.  This friend sees Dr. Pro (not real name either) whom she loves, and so I am thinking about seeing him since she raves about him.  I met him once briefly when visiting my friend at the hospital after her baby was born.  On the other hand, I heard that he specializes in high-risk pregnancies (which she had), so not sure if I would be able to see him anyway.  Does IVF pregnancies count as high risk?

One thing I'm struggling with is if I should just wait to get a BFP before I look for an OB.  I would hate to jinx it if I look for an OB too early. Does it sound crazy?

How early would OBs see pregnant women anyways?  I know my RE's clinic would do at least the first couple of ultrasounds before "graduating" to a regular OB, so I probably have some time to look for one.

Some possible options:
  1. Call Dr. Pro's office to see if I can meet up with him.
  2. Call my RE's office to see if they would recommend some OBs
  3. Call Dr. Nice's (doctor that performed my hysteroscopy and laparasopy) clinic and see if he would recommend some OBs.
  4. Wait until I get a BFP before looking for one.

Should I start interviewing possible OBs to see who I like?

Other miscellaneous stuff:
  • Today was my 3rd day of Lu.pron.  Can't say I'm experiencing much side effects.  Maybe warmer when sleeping at night, but I wouldn't call it hot flashes.
  • I started my 2nd pack of BCPs last night.  Seem like such a waste of money since my last day of BCPs is tomorrow night, so I only need 3 from this one.
  • Just found out from my brother yesterday that my cousin who got married a little over a year ago and is a few years younger than me just had a baby girl, a little Tiger cub.  She's got a full head of hair, which is not very common for Chinese babies.  A real cutie, looks like a doll!
  • We received our state tax refund in the mail last week, and has been safely deposited into our account!

So the question is, to OB or not to OB?


  1. My first IVF is this summer and I've been thinking a lot lately about OBs too. I am super picky about doctors and my amazing RE has set the bar high for my OB. Good luck with your search!


  2. I'm surprised that you don't already have an OB to do you regular annual exams. Perhaps you just go to your primary care doctor for those? To answer your question, no, all IVF pregnancies are not high risk. I got pregnant through IVF and after the RE saw a heart beat, she passed me off to my regular OB and I had a perfectly normal and uneventful pregnancy. I actually used a midwife instead of an OB through most of my pregnancy, but if you're picky about doctors, it might make sense for you to start looking for one now. ICLW

  3. hey there - i went "ob shopping" last week and found a high risk doctor that i LOVE LOVE LOVE. it's never too early, so don't worry about jinxing yourself. ivf CAN be high risk, according to my doctor, but i prefer to be on the safe side and see an MFM rather than regular OB. the way i figure it, getting pregnant isn't enough, i want the BEST high risk doctor watching over me through the pregnancy.

  4. I think it's completely normal to not have an OB, especially having gone through a lot!! I'll tell you this, I'm super picky about doctors. With my history I consider myself high maintenance and I need someone who is upfront, will do what I ask, won't think I'm a loon for asking lots of questions or having meltdowns. My OB came highly recommends by multiple friends & I adore her so much that I won't even switch now that I've moved 100 miles away!! I say take your time, ask lots of questions and make sure you're comfortable!! Good luck with that sweetie!!!

  5. i think planning for an OB is a good thing. don't worry about jinxing! you WILL be pregnant soon so cross things off your list all you want!