Sunday, February 14, 2010

An Interesting Week

This has been an interesting week.

It started off with an appointment with the eye doctor on Monday, with my last being almost 2 years ago.    I'm fortunate to have had "almost 20 20 vision" and have not had to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses. On a couple of occasions lately, I have experienced "focusing" issues, forcing me to bring whatever I was reading further away so I could actually focus and read.  Of course this makes me think OK, I'm 36, and I hear that people's eye sight start to deteriorate once you hit 40!  Wouldn't it suck if I had to wear bifocals before I can even get pregnant or have kids?  Fortunately, the eye doctor said my vision had not changed that much and I don't  need eye glasses.  Woo hoo!  Good news there.

Then on Tuesday, I had an appointment with Dr. Hopeful for a SIS and a trial transfer, which went very well.  I'm all set to start IVF.  Waiting for next Tuesday for my consults with the nurses.

On Thursday, I had my yearly exam.  In the past, I have gone to a general practice clinic for my yearly exams.  I never really liked going to that clinic, since it feels like they are trying to cram in as many patients in and out as fast as possible.  This time, I decided to go to Dr. Nice's clinic, the doctor that had done my previous hysteroscopy and laparoscopies.  The clinic focuses on women's health and Dr. Nice is an expert in performing hysts and laps, in fact he trains doctors in performing these surgeries.  So I knew I would be in good hands, even though I had to drive to the other side of town for it.

I ended up seeing Nurse Mary, who is a nurse practitioner for my yearly exam.  I did not want to wait till March to see Dr. Nice since I would be starting my IVF then.  My appointment with Mary went well.  I did not feel rushed and we spent some time chatting.  This was a nice change.  We did the usual pap exam and breast exam.  Did you know that as part of your BSE (breast self exam), you are supposed to check the hollow area directly above your collar bone? This is where your supraclavicular lymph nodes are.  I was surprised by this since no one has ever told me about this.  I also found out that Mary had gone through years of infertility before adopting her oldest and youngest children, and had two biological children of her own in between.  I told her about my upcoming IVF, it was nice to talk to someone who understood what I was going through.  I am so glad I switched clinics for my yearly exam.

After my appointment, I went to the mall to do pick up a few items.  I had been craving Chipo.tle all week, so I stopped there to eat.  Unfortunately that place was packed and by the time I got my steak burrito bowl, there were no open tables available.  I looked around and saw a gal sitting by herself at a table for four.  I asked if I could sit at the table and she invited me to join her at her table.  She was waiting for two other ladies, her business partners for lunch.  So we introduced ourselves and started chatting, her name was Kristi.  When her friends arrived, they got their food and we started chatting as well.  We talked about everything, work, food, travel, etc.  Kristi' kids attend a Chinese immersion school and she invited me to her kid's Chinese New Year performance at her kids's school (Chinese New Year is Sunday, February 14th this year).  After eating our lunches, Kristi and I exchanged phone numbers and promised to meet up on Friday for the performance.  It was all a very weird because Kristi and I just totally clicked.

On Friday, Kristi and I met up for coffee before heading out to the school performance.  After the performance, Kristi and I sat in her van and chatted for almost 2 more hours!  We just seem to get a long really well.  Kristi is an acupuncturist and practices traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).  She had 3 miscarriages before adopting her daughter and then got pregnant with her son.  Both she and I have a love for food and sushi, her husband and I have almost identical jobs and her husband has friends from my home country.  I told Kristi about my IF journey and my upcoming IVF.  It was really nice to be able to chat with someone who has gone through the IF journey.  We are also now talking about working out together at the Y and going out for lunches.  I'm looking forward to hanging out with her.

This has been an interesting week of good appointments and meeting new people that have travelled the IF journey.  Things are looking up......


  1. That's really great. Isn't it weird how some things just work out like that? Like fate? It is always so great to find a new friend, esspecially one who is so easy to talk to. I hope this good luck streak keeps going.

  2. Wow! How awesome to meet someone that you click with! I'm so impressed, I might have just taken my lunch to-go and would have never met a great new friend. Good stuff.

  3. That is great about your week! I too admire your courage to walk up and ask to share a table. I am not sure I could have done that.... I am glad that you made a new friend, and your appts went well. Hopefully this is a sign for more great things to come with your IVF.

  4. Wow that sounds great! No glasses, new friends, WOO! Your new friend sounds nice! Yaay! It's always nice to find someone you can just relate to like that, right away. :o)

  5. This sounds like a great week for you!!! It's amazing what you discover if you are willing to open up, right? Your new friend sound interesting and you seem to really click!!! Happy all looks set for you to start IVF soon!!!

  6. Everything happens for a reason. God decided you really need a new friend to talk to...and He set up a divine appointment. He knows you like Chipotle it was!

  7. Awww...its that carefully placed Angels on Earth thing that lead you to your new friend! How Amazing!!!

    Know that I will be sending up many prayers for you in your upcoming IVF. Fingers crossed it results in a + very soon :)

    Many Hugs

  8. Wow! It's amazing how some people enter our lives.

  9. i read this post a while ago, but i wanted to come back and tell you how cool it was that you met kristi! i loved your story! it was definitely meant to be. :)