Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fertilization Report & Transfer

Dr. Hopeful's embryology lab called today.  Out of the 7 eggs retrieved, only 3 were mature.

It sounds like they did a "delayed ICSI" which I am not 100% sure what it means.  I think one fertilized naturally, and they did the delayed ICSI, I think the next day.
(**Updated: I found out during transfer that delayed ICSI meant the mature eggs were ICSI'd right away, and then they let the immature ones mature one more day before they were ICSI'd the next day.)

So now we have 2 fertilized eggs.

As of this morning (retrieval day +2) one was at 2-cell, and the other was a day behind at 1-cell.

So, we are doing a day-3 transfer instead of day-5.  

Our transfer is scheduled for 11 am tomorrow morning.

For being 2 days after retrieval, 2-cell and 1-cell seems like the embryos are growing really slow.  I just looked back at my fertilization report from my last cycle, and this is very similar to the last.  Only one egg fertilized, but then another fertilized the next day.  In this case, the second one had some help with ICSI.  The difference is we had more mature eggs last time - we had 6 - and this time, we only have 3. 

Also, last time we were going to do the transfer at day-5.  But since the embryos stopped growing before day-5, we had to cancel it.  This time, we are doing a day-3 transfer.  I guess we won't know if the embryos will continue to grow once we put them back in my uterus.

I have to confess that I am somewhat discouraged at how things are turning out.  I had hoped for a better outcome.  But I also know I need to think and stay positive.  It is not over yet.

I will find out more details about how the embryos are doing tomorrow.  I am not sure which doctor is doing the transfer.

Please continue to pray for my embies to grow strong and healthy, and that we will have a good transfer tomorrow.   Today, we had a few people pray for us after our church service and one of the guys said "This is your time!"

Yes, we are claiming that this IS our time!

God is in control, no matter what we will be OK.  We are just praying that it is in his will for us to have a successful IVF this time.


  1. I'm saying lots of prayers for you...

  2. i just noticed the scripture from jeremiah that you have on your side bar.... i am standing with you in prayer that this IS your time. God is able. surrounding you with prayers not only for the embies:) but also for your confidence and peace. He also says, "bear ye one another's burdens..." i am holding you high in prayer tonight and tomorrow and waiting for your update tomorrow.

  3. Good luck tomorrow! My embryos were of poor quality and we did a Day 3 transfer as well. 1 stuck for us and hopefully 1 will stick for you too! Fingers crossed!

  4. *fingers crossed* for you and those embies. grow grow grow!!

  5. I only had a 4-cell and 6-cell at day 3 and got pregnant off of them. Don't worry too much about the slow growing embies, they might surprise you. Good luck tomorrow!

  6. I'm a HUGE fan of day 3 transfers!!! This last cycle, we started with 16 eggs....and ended up with only two able to transfer at day 3(only had 4 fertilized WITH ICSI in the first place!). Hostile eggs...yada yada...the point is that again, it really only takes one, so I am just praying that of your two...there's at least THE ONE!!!

    And yes...I'm on a Google ban and I love it. It's very freeing!!

  7. I know how you feel, I had a day 4 transfer last Monday and was disappointed that we didn't make it until day 5, but I am hoping and praying for the best!

  8. Keeping you and those embies in my prayers! Good luck!

  9. Sending positive thoughts your (and your embie's) way...