Friday, July 9, 2010

The Saga Continues

The call finally came today. Ms. Co. Recruiter called and said the people that will be interviewing me have a very full schedule the next few weeks. The earliest time that works for everyone would be July 19th. Well, that's almost 2 weeks away. I figured that would be fine. I'll probably have my egg retrieval before the interview, but hopefully before the transfer. So the interview was set for 2pm on July 19th.

Then, not too long after, Ms. Co. Recruiter called again. I guess the 19th isn't going to work after all. Now, she wants me to come in on the 14th.  That's next Wednesday.  That would be stim day 13 for me.  Hmm... This is going to be tricky.  Not knowing when my retrieval's going to be, plus I'll probably have frequent ultrasounds next week, I'm not sure how everything's going to work out.  I'm just hoping that I won't have my retrieval until at least after the interview.  According to the IVF schedule, the the HCG shot is usually on day 13, so maybe it will be OK.  Then again, it all depends on home my body responds to the meds.  So we'll have to see.

So I agreed to the interview on the 14th (for now).  I have another ultrasound tomorrow (Friday) morning, so I will know more about how my follies are doing then.   I told Ms. Co. Recruiter that I have a "medical procedure" next week, though I won't know for sure what day it will be on yet.  I told here I would let her know tomorrow once I find out more after my appointment.  So for now, I am set for an interview for July 14th.  Once I find out more tomorrow, I will confirm with her and make any changes if necessary.  I just hope I will find out more then.

The saga continues.....


  1. There are so many things that I hate about IVF. Once of them being how it screws with your schedule. I hope it all works out ok.

  2. I am sorry that the saga continues....I am glad you were able to schedule the interview and I hope the timing works out well with your ivf. Best of luck to you.