Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Prayer Request - Jack & Ellie

(Image from CCF)
Please pray for my good friend "Ellie" (previously referred to as "E" in previous posts) and her husband "Jack" (not their real names).  We just found out a few days ago that Jack has been diagnosed with colon cancer.  Jack and Ellie are my 3-year old goddaughter's parents, and they also have a one-year old little boy at home.  Jack's only 43.

Jack is scheduled for surgery next week, and he'll probably need chemotherapy after that.  We do not know exactly what stage the cancer is yet.  Please pray for Jack and Ellie as they face the tough road ahead of them in the next few weeks and months.

I know there is a praying community out here in the TTC blog world.  Please keep Jack and Ellie and their family in your prayers.


  1. How sad! Praying for this family.

  2. Lifting Jack and Ellie in Prayer. This awful disease touches so many lives and it always brings great perspective to my struggles, which in comparison are small.

    To pass along some hope, I have a dear friend who "had" colon cancer and she is now cancer free. She was treated at a wonderful facility (in NC I think) and eventually had the whipple procedure. And she is doing great. I think her great FAITH in God and her will to live are what trumped this terrible disease.

    Also, a customer of mine "had" it when she was in her young 30's and is doing great now.

    Your friends will remain in my prayers.

    Many HUGS

  3. So, so sorry to hear this. They will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers. Please tell them both that they have many, many people thinking of them right now.

  4. Covering your friends in prayer.

  5. We have had two cases of colon cancer in our family - my MIL and her sister have both had it. It's very difficult to go through, but fortunately they both survived it and are in remission. I'm praying for the same for Jack!