Sunday, July 11, 2010

Stim Day 10 Update

I had my 7:30 am Sunday appointment today.  I was surprised to see how busy the clinic was.  I suppose our reproductive cycles don't care what day of the week it is at the clinic!

At stim day 10:
  Lining = 9 mm
  Right ovary = 13 & 11 mm, plus 13 smalls (less than 10 mm)
  Left ovary - 11, 12, 15x11 (averages 13), 10 mm, plus 7 smalls

It looks like my follicles are taking their own sweet time to grow.  Hopefully that's a good sign, hopefully it  means they will produce mature eggs.  I will be adding my ganire.lix shots with my Meno.pur shots tomorrow morning.  The want to make sure my lead follicle in my left ovary (the 15x11) does not cause my body to ovulate before retrieval.

It's good to see that my ovaries are making progress, though not very quickly.  I just hope that the smaller follicles can catch up with the lead follicle.  I'm also glad that my right ovary is not producing too many follicles.  Hopefully that means the meds are being used to build up the ones in the left ovary.  A reminder, the last time, they could not access my right ovary because it was in a "difficult" location.  As far as I can tell, nothing has changed, and this probably means they will not be able to access it this time too.  So, hopefully the meds are being channeled to the left ovary.

But then again, who knows?  It's too hard to tell what would happen!

I have another appointment on Tuesday morning for another ultrasound.  we'll see then how much they have progressed.  It's starting to look like my interview on Wednesday is a go!

My BIL is arriving tonight to stay with us for a week.   There will be lots of sneaking around for shots this week.  We'll have to see how retrieval day works out with him in town!


  1. Glad to see your body is cooperating as far as timing for your interview. Good luck!

  2. Sneaking around is not fun, but we do what we have to do, right? Praying for you and sending you HUGS. Good luck on the job!

    Grow little follies grow!

  3. My last two cycles, I've had one or two follies that were way ahead of the pack and the dr just said it was fine. They would just over mature. I hope all your follies catch up and your appts don't disrupt the interview schedule. Good luck!

  4. Grow little Follies grow!!!

    I hated ganire.lix, it made me into a raging B with an itch!!!

    Good luck with the sneaking around.

  5. Hope this is a great cycle for you. Grow follies grow!

  6. You have 6 good-sized follicles, and yes, much more on your left ovary - excellent! Thinking great and growing thoughts for you!