Wednesday, July 28, 2010

9dp3dt: What 2WW?

So it is now 9 days past my day-3 transfer.  I'm almost at the end of my 2ww.  I go in for my beta test on Friday morning.

The last week or so has flown by.  I have been keeping pretty busy.  I haven't posted anything for a few days because I felt that there was not much to update on the PUPO front.  No pregnancy symptoms, nothing.   I was experiencing some side effects from the Endome.trin including tiredness, cramping, and abdominal discomfort.  But that is pretty much it.  I'm not sure what that means.  I know lots of people get pregnant and don't experience any symptoms at all.  I'm trying not to think too much into it.

My transfer was last Monday and was on bed rest until Wednesday.  I took it easy on Thursday, just laying around watching TV.  On Friday, I watched Jack & Ellie's kids while they handled some legal issues before Jack's colon cancer surgery on Monday.  Saturday, Babe and I ran errands.  For Jack's surgery on Monday, I had emailed a bunch of Jack & Ellie's friends and family and requested bible verses.  I collected the verses they wanted to share them, printed them on colored 4x6 card stock, and held them together with a ring.   On Sunday, we went to church in the morning and later in the afternoon, a group of friends from church gathered at Jack & Ellie's to pray for Jack, Ellie and the kids for Jack's upcoming surgery.  It was wonderful to have so many people gather to pray and support them.  We gave them the booklet of bible verses then.  Then I stuck around to help out around the house with the kids, chores, etc. so Ellie and Jack could pack and do some last minute things before the surgery in the morning.  It was a long day and I was pooped out by the time I left around 9 pm.

Monday morning was Jack's surgery.  I spent some time with Ellie at the hospital while Jack was in recovery.  It's really tough to see a good friend go through something like colon cancer.  All I could do was try my best to help out in whatever ways I can.  Fortunately, Jack's surgery went well.  They took out the part of his colon that was cancerous.  He will still have to go through chemo therapy after this to take care of some smaller ones left in his small intestines that couldn't be removed.  But the best news is, none of his major organs were affected, so that is VERY good news. Please continue to pray for Jack & Ellie and the kids.

After my hospital visit,  I watched their kids until Ellie came home that night.  It was another long day.  Yesterday, I made homemade chicken soup for Ellie, and chicken broth (strained from the chicken soup) for Jack.   I brought those to the hospital and was able to visit with Jack for a bit.  He will be in the hospital for a few more days, but he goal is to go home by Saturday.

As you can see, my 2ww has been pretty busy.  Only 2 more days before I go in for my beta.

I have not had much time to think about if this cycle worked.  I am continually encouraged by the number of people praying for me.  Most of the same people praying for Jack & Ellie are the same ones praying for Babe and I during this cycle.  So I have been encouraged and continually reminded by these friends that they are praying for me too when I see them.  Also I know you out there in the blog world are also praying for me.

I know that during the 2ww, I'm supposed to take it easy, relax and try to stress as little as possible.  It has not been easy to stay relaxed these few days.  I have been busy with Jack and Ellie, but this is something I want to do.  Something I need to do.  Ellie is like a sister to me.  We are like family.  I know that if I were in her situation, she would do so much and more for me too.

I know its not the same thing, but colon cancer makes my infertility struggle seem so insignificant.  At least I am healthy.  I do not face the possibility of death.  I do not have to go through chemo.  Still, going through infertility has made me more sensitive to Jack and Ellie's situation.  Makes me think twice or three times before saying something or offering advice.  I know what it feels like to receive well intentioned but unhelpful, even hurtful advice.  I try to just be there for her, offering a hug, a prayer and support.

Someone asked how my 2ww is going.  What 2ww?  Keeping busy has helped me not obsess about it.  But I do think about it at night, when I lay in bed.  Though I don't think about it  during the day, it has kept me up at night.

I do think about what if this didn't work?  But what if it did?  WHAT IF IT DID??

Only 2 more days before I find out if my life will change forever.


  1. i'm praying for jack and ellie too! though the circumstances are indeed awful, i'm "glad"? that you have had something to do to keep your mind off of the wondering... you have been in my prayers daily. i'm excitedly awaiting friday's post! (((hugs)))

  2. Been thinking about you and will also keep your friends in prayer....can't WAIT to find out!!!

    For the record, with Matthew, NOT ONE SYMPTOM! I was SURE I was not pregnant...and any side effects were from the drugs.

    Same thing with this little one....some cramping I attributed to the endometrin and that was it. I was SO sure it DIDN'T work I was crying for days before.

    In hindsight...that could have been a clue?!

    Praying for you!!

  3. Symptoms or lack of them aren't really anything concrete to go by. I had no idea I was pregnant till it was 22DPO!!! I hope the rest of the 2WW flies by quickly! Can't wait to hear about your BFP! I'm keeping you and your friends in my prayers.


  4. So sorry to hear about your friends and what they are going through. They are very lucky to have someone like you to help them out and be there for them. I am so glad to read that your 2ww has flown by. I have my fingers crossed for you and will be praying for positive results on Friday!

  5. I'm really sorry to hear about your friends. You are a great friend to them and the idea of the booklet of bible verses is beautiful and I'm sure well appreciated.

    I'm so glad your 2WW has gone by quickly. I'll be praying for your BFP!

  6. You have been busy! I am praying for your BFP on Friday! Can't wait for the good news!!

  7. I'll be praying for your friends and for your beta. Good luck.

  8. I cant believe your beta is Friday already!! I am so glad time has gone by fast for you and I hope you hear great news on Friday!! Your friends are also in my prayers and thoughts!!

  9. Praying... for your friends, for your remaining two days of waiting, and for your beta results.

  10. You are in my prayers and your friends too. Keeping buys always helps making the 2ww seem shorter for sure and I hope that tomorrow will bring you the result you have been praying for and so deserve!! My fingers are crossed for you sweetie