Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh My Bloatness!

Remember when I said I felt "full" last night?  Well I'm actually really bloated.

Didn't really think that I that bloated, was since I have been feeling pretty good this cycle.  Until I pulled out my suit last night.  I wanted to make sure that my pant suit still fit me.  The last time I wore the pants, which was not that long ago, it fit fine, in fact it was a little loose.  Last night, I could barely button them!  I'm not getting another suit so I just hope that I don't pass out in those pants!

At today's stim day 12 appointment:
  Lining: 12 mm
  Right ovary: 15.5, 15.5, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10 mm
  Left ovary: 18, 16, 14.5, 14, 14, 11 mm

I'm getting really close.  I will have my HCG (trigger) shot either tonight or tomorrow night.  I'm hoping it's tomorrow.  I want to give the 14's a chance to catch up.  The clinic likes follicles to be at least 15 mm before doing the HCG shot.

Unless the blood work comes back with anything different, I am to continue my current meds of 150IU Meno.pur, 300IU Follis.tim and Ganirelix, and go back for another ultrasound tomorrow morning.  I will most probably have my HCG shot tomorrow and egg retrieval on Friday.

If not, they will call me this afternoon, and let me know if I need to have my HCG shot tonight, and then egg retrieval would be on Thursday.

It's all going to work out, timing wise.  Though tomorrow will be a bit tricky - 8:45 am appointment at the clinic, and 10 am job interview.  It will be close!

I'm off to prep for my job interview.  Wish me luck!


  1. Glad that the timing is all working out!

  2. best of luck to you with both the ER and interview. I always get totally bloated right before the ER, those poor swollen ovaries!!! Finger and toes crossed for you

  3. Hey sweet friend!!!

    Hang in there. I'm so excited for you! I'll be saying some extra prayers that the follies keep growing and the retrival goes well. Good luck on your interview. Big day tomorrow...well all week for you. I go do my beta in the morning. Hope to see you soon.

  4. Good luck! I know you will do great.

  5. Yea! All sounds good :) I'm praying for you and will be thinking of you as you forge ahead.

  6. Of course, good luck!!!! I wouldn't worry too much about those 14s--the trigger shot helps them mature a good bit too! So excited--sounds like you are having such a great response this cycle!!!!

  7. good luck today! and work those tight suit pants with pride! soon that bloated belly will be baking a baby!

  8. Best Wishes for your cycle and for your job interview. You've got alot going on!