Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Getting Antsy

I mentioned in previous posts about applying for a a job.  I had my phone interview on June 14th (Monday), that's more than 3 weeks ago.  The company recruiter told me things looked good, and he would get back to me at the end of the week with a decision on whether they would call me in for an in-person interview.  After a week and no news, I checked back with my recruiter.  I was informed that the manager for the position was out of the country, so it had been difficult to get feedback, and I would be updated.  Then a week later (this was last week), I was told that they wanted to have me come in for an in-person interview, and I had to submit references ASAP.  My recruiter told me that they would be calling me in the next couple of days to schedule an interview.  I thought I would get the call last week, and possibly have the interview before the 4th of July weekend.  No call.  Luckily I didn't take time to worry or think about the upcoming interview over the weekend.

Then yesterday, after all the 4th of July festivities, my recruiter called me again, and asked if I had heard anything, and I said no.  So she called the company recruiter.  Found out that he had accidently sent my application to the wrong person - the hiring manager instead of the gal who is supposed to do scheduling.  He apologized and assured my recruiter that someone will call me within the next couple of days.

Yesterday: No call.  Today:  Still no call.

I am getting antsy.  I hope they call tomorrow.  If not, the very latest Friday.  This means my interview will most probably be next week.  This will make things interesting.

Monday will be Day 11 of my stims.  Which means one of a few things.
  1. My egg retrieval will be next week.  Not sure exactly when yet, but in the past, I stimmed (on stimulation meds) for 12 days.
  2. My next appointment at the RE's will be Friday.  I will find out more how my follicles have grown then.  There is a possibility I may have daily/almost daily ultrasounds next week.  This makes it scheduling my interview challenging.  My appointments are always in the morning, so I am hoping to be able to schedule the interview in the afternoon.
  3. I am hoping I can schedule something earlier in the week, while I am still stimming.  If it gets any later, I'll have to worry about it clashing with my egg retrieval.  Of course I don't know the exact date of the ER yet, so that just makes it more interesting.
  4. I just found out this today, one of my BILs will be in town and staying with us next week.  He is getting laid off, and is in the process of networking and looking for a new job in MN.  He and Babe's family do not know we are doing IVF, so it will be interesting how we will work around my appointments and egg retrieval when he is in town.
Ugh... this is a pain.   When I first started on this job thing, I thought the timing would be perfect.  I'd have all my interviews done before my ER or ET.  But now, things have been delayed, and it is creeping up too close to my IVF schedule.  

If things go well with the interview,  I'll have to go in for a second interview.  

Why does this cycle have to be so "interesting"?

On another note, I had an acupuncture appointment today.  I finally noticed something today.  AcuGirl is pregnant!  I never noticed it before, but today I finally saw her belly.  She is due in October.  She is having a boy, her second boy.   I'm happy to say it didn't bother me at all.

I was having some allergies today, so AcuGirl put needles in a couple more spots -  around my elbows and around my nose/sinus cavity.  I can tell it made a difference after.

Well, let's keep our fingers crossed that I will get the call tomorrow to schedule the interview.  To be honest, I'm a little antsy, but not too worried.  I believe that God will time everything just right.


  1. Isn't it always the case that when you have 101 things on your mind and you want everything to go according to your plans the opposite happens! I am sorry they have not called you yet, it seems like their HR is already on holiday! I hope it's a matter of days before they call you for your interview day! Cannot wait to hear your update on the follies!!

  2. I am hoping that the timing is perfect!! Good luck with everything.

  3. You have plenty of drama going on already - Hope things don't get too interesting for you!

  4. Good luck with the cycle! And I hope you get the 2nd interview!