Friday, April 9, 2010

Project IF

"What IF........?"  

That's a question that many of us have asked ourselves many times, and will probably continue to ask.

If you have not heard about Project IF that has just kicked off, go check it out.  Mel over at Stirrup Queens and has put this together.  This project consists of  2 parts, the first is for people to leave a comment stating your biggest "what ifs" are in regard to infertility.  For the 2nd part, blogs and bloggers that participate in Project IF will be eligible to be considered for the winner of the Hope Award for Best Blog at Resolve's 2010 Night of Hope.

Whether or not you plan on being considered for the award, I highly recommend checking out the Project IF page.  It is one of the most touching pages I've read.  Be prepared to read it with a box of tissues.  Leave your own "what ifs", or just read what others have commented.

Reading these comments leave me with mixed emotions.  Some I can totally relate to, and others it's totally heartbreaking to see what pain and suffering we go through to fulfill our dreams of having a child.  All the doubts and uncertainties we face.  The thousands of what ifs that have crossed our minds that we unconsciously think about.

On one hand, I am grateful for some things, like being able to afford treatment (to a certain extent), and having a supportive husband.  On the other hand it's scary to think about how things can still go wrong, or what the final outcome may be.  No matter what happens, we may still have "what ifs" that we will question ourselves.

But in the end, it leaves me feeling not so alone in my journey, knowing that there are others who understand the journey each of us are experiencing.

Whether you are dealing with infertility yourself, or have a loved one that is, please check out Project IF.  Here's comment left by a mom, who though not dealing with infertility herself, has been impacted by this.

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