Saturday, April 10, 2010

Heaven's Roll Call

I learned about a wonderful website called Heaven's Roll Call from our local Christian radio station.   Sue Lueck Carlson who started this ministry uses Christian inspirational poems and Bible verses to help those grieving the loss of a loved one.

I saw this poem a few months back and thought about all my failed IUIs, and my failed IVF a year ago.  Now that I've just experienced my 2nd failed IVF without a transfer and the sadness and grief I felt about my lost embryos, this poem, "You Know the Past" really touched me in a way I cannot express.  Sue has given me permission to share this poem with you.  This gives those of us who have experienced IVF loss, miscarriage or baby loss some comfort and hope.

You Know the Past
It's hard, My Child, to understand
just why our lives don't go as planned,
but I know the future and you know the past.
You know this world's not meant to last.
It's filled with heartache, grief and pain.
The sun may shine, but there's always rain.
Not every seed planted in the ground
will bring forth fruit or can be found.
Just because you can't see it, does it mean it's gone
or has the form changed so it does belong?
It still had a purpose though the world may not care.
All things have a meaning for being there.
Life on earth is like a snap of the wrist.
Though time is short, you do exist,
but up in heaven time exists no more.
The life not seen has been restored.
Remember always you know the past,
but I know the future and that lives do last.
The life you created still lives with me
so trust your heart - one day you'll see.
I love you, Child  Please always know -
Life does exist thought it may not show!

Copyright Sue Lueck Carlson
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"Life does exist though it may not show!"

If you have experienced any kind of loss or heartache, Heaven's Roll Call will be wonderful comfort for you.  Sue has a library of poems for different situations for your reading pleasure, and you can request these in high quality for printing purposes.  I think she can even customize some of those poems based on gender.  You can also sign up to receive a free poem each month.  

If you have or someone you know have suffered a miscarriage, you will want to read "Tiniest Angel" under the "Loss of a loved one" section.  

If you find Sue's ministry helpful, do share this with others that could use some comfort.

Please note that all poems are copyrighted.  Also Heaven's Roll Call is non-profit, so please consider a donation if you feel led to.


  1. What a beautiful poem! I love it! My favorite part:

    Remember always you know the past,
    but I know the future and that lives do last.

    A reminder that God is in control of our futures and He knows what lies ahead for each of us.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wonderfuly said....thank you and thanks to Sue.

  3. That is a wonderful poem and a wonderful resource to use...thank you so much for sharing!!!

  4. Thank you. I am blessed with two beautiful children thanks to IVF. I still grieve for my nine little embryos that didn't make it. They are the children I carry always in my heart.