Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Not So Anonymous Anymore

Do you write your blog anonymously?  Or do people IRL (in real life) know about your blog?

When I started my blog about a little over a month ago, I wasn't sure if I wanted anyone to know who I was.  I didn't know if I wanted to let my friends or family know about this blog.  Heck, I didn't even know if anyone would even care to read this.  I've seen other blogs where people mention their name and their DH's names.  Even put pictures of themselves and their pets.

Well I am finding out that people DO actually read my blog.  I have had almost 600 visits on my blog since I started tracking it.

Tonight, I finally told my sister about my blog (Hi Sis!!) So far only 3 people actually know about me writing this blog.
  • My sister A.  She has always known about our TTC efforts and has continued to support and pray for us.
  • My friend J.  J and I went to the same high school and she was one year my senior.  We lost contact after high school and thanks to Facebo.ok, we were reconnected.  Not sure how it came up, but we found out we were both having TTC issues.  She has had 2 failed IVFs, one miscarriage and miraculously conceived naturally after many years.  He baby is now 5 months old.
  • My ex-colleague R.  She and I have worked together on a few projects in the past.  After I left my job, we met a few times for lunch to catch up with the happenings around the department and we somehow got talking about babies.  We found out that we have some things in common.  She has been TTC but has issues with fibroids endometriosis.   She just went through surgery to have cysts removed and is now taking a break from TTC to see if the fibroids endometriosis will return.  She is hoping that she will be able to conceive naturally after this.
So now 3 people IRL know about this blog.  I guess it is not so anonymous anymore.  There are a few other people I have contemplated telling but I am holding off for now.  It's one of those things, once you tell someone, you can't undo it.  So I am playing it safe.  I guess it doesn't really matter.  There is a wonderful community of ALI bloggers and readers out there and I am grateful for that.

For now, this blog is semi-anonymous.  Hopefully this blog will one day evolve to being about babies and parenting.  Either way, it is still about baby on my mind.


  1. My family and close friends have access to mine. However, I don't put on there my full name, full face photos and any other identifying info.

  2. I told everybody about my blog. I got tired of giving individual updates about our journey. I even put my link up on Facebook. But I think only two of my friends read my blog, maybe my sister and that's about it. It's apparent that my parents and grandparents don't read about it because my mom had no idea I was doing IVF until about a month ago! Sometimes even when you tell people they don't take the time to read it :P