Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Truth Is In the Mirror

There's no denying it, I'm getting old.  The truth is staring right back at me in the mirror!

I have long, naturally straight black hair.  It is as straight and as black and it gets.  This time last year, I had two, count it, two gray hairs on the front of my head, right where my bangs would be, except I don't have any bangs.  Very obvious.  Eh, no big deal.  So what's couple right?  It has never bothered me before.

These last few days I've noticed a few more.  So I recruited my Babe to help me count the number of gray hairs I have now.

I have at least 15!  Probably more.  Ok that's a big deal!  Where did they come from?  How did so many appear in a year?

When you have black hair, grays really stands out.  You just can't help but notice it.  I never thought I'd have gray hair before having a child!  How obnoxious is that?  I guess when you are infertile, aging is even more depressing.

Tick tock, tick tock......

My maternal grandmother had 10 kids.  I found out from my mom last night that Grandma had her first child when she was 21 and her youngest at 42.  My oldest cousin and my youngest uncle were fairly close in age, maybe a couple of years apart.  They grew up playing together.  Can you imagine babysitting both your son and your grandson at the same time?

I suppose if Grandma had her last kid at 42, there must be some hope for me, right?  I mean, come on, I am only 36.........

But then again, Grandma was Fertile Myrtle.  She had 10 kids in 21 years, so that's about one kid every other year or so?

I wonder if Grandma had gray hair when she was pregnant?

*Update* ~ I got the green light from the Babe to "do something" about the grays.  I'm usually too cheap to spend the money on coloring or highlights.  What looks good on black hair?   Hmmm.... highlights maybe?


  1. i just realized i had way more gray than i thought too! i have medium brown hair, so they really stand out too. i opted for a semi permanent color a couple shades darker. it fades away gradually, but i liked that there wouldn't be a growth line.

    i thought about highlights too but they require a lot up upkeep and if i get preggo (i mean i AM preggo - positive thinking!) i probably won't want to color my hair!

    good luck with whatever you decide to do! i love getting my hair done!

  2. I have yet to do anything about covering my gray... but I'm afraid I can't put it off much longer! There are too many to pull out now. UGH.

    My sister had the same issue with gray really showing in her very black hair. She gets it colored and it looks great. Hope you have fun with it!

  3. Gray's aren't a reflection of your sister is 25 and has to color her hair b/c like you her's is black and all of her gray is literally in the front, right where he cow lick is! But her hair girl does a great job of covering it up and it looks natural!! I on the other hand would never know if mine was gray I've been coloring it so long! But that is a treat for me, getting my hair done is sooo relaxing!

  4. Just wash that grey right our of your hair :) Treat yourself and be good to you!

    On the bright side, those who have black hair go on to become "Silver Foxes" in later years!

    We can't fret about our age (I'm 37 so I'm older than you) but have to celebrate it and all the wonderful things it brings! I believe being 30 something is sexy :)


  5. Here's a little trick...just pull them out! If you just yank them when you find never had grey hairs right?

  6. Okay, wow...your grandma WAS a fertile myrtle!! Holy buckets!

    I'm a big fan of the Stacy London look...she can pull that off! Other than that, I have no clue because I always pick the wrong color/technique when thinking about coloring/highlighting/lowlighting/etc.