Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Legal Guardians

I am still hunkering down trying to fight this cold.  I got about 13 hours of sleep last night though I got up at almost 1 p.m.!!  Today, I just spent the day resting, watching Dr. Oz and The Doctors on TV, and watched House on hulu.com.  I'm just glad I do not have to go to work, considering it we had wind chills of up to -15 F degrees today.

Last night, my BIL and family were staying with us en route to the airport for their early morning flight home this morning.  Him and my SIL has requested that DH and I be legal guardians to our 2-year-old niece if anything ever happens to the both of them.

Wow!  What an honor!!  DH has always been really good with kids and is all the nieces and nephews' favorite uncle.  So I am not surprised.  Plus, we are closest to them in the area of faith.  DH and his family were brought up strict Catholics.  I am not, and DH does not consider himself one anymore.  We currently attend a Lutheran church, and my BIL and his family does the same.  My BIL and SIL and I get along pretty well though they do live out of state.

I just realized today that I did not say too much when we discussed being legal guardians to our niece, since I was kind  of out of it, being sick and all.  I need to call and chat with my SIL a little, I want to make sure they realize that we are honored and are proud to be chosen to be legal guardians.

Yay!  I guess someone thinks we are fit to be parents!


  1. What an honor! Your BIL and SIL care deeply for you and a phone chat would be great...just to let them know you feel honored to be asked.

    Hugs and feel better soon :)

  2. Wow what an honor!! Congratulations... hopefully, that necessity will never arise, but if it does, it is good to know they trust you with their kiddos to this extent!

    When DH and I married five years ago, my aunt casually mentioned she wants DH and I to take care of my two nephews (ages 8 & 10), since we were so aligned with them in parenting ideals and faith. However, our faith/beliefs shifted some in the years following, and as a result nothing more has been said about our guardianship. It was such an honor to hear they wanted us, but now it kind of hurts to think they will probably go with somebody else now. Who knows, though.