Friday, January 1, 2010

Cheers To the New Year

Well we rang in the new year with wine coolers.  After our nice dinner and show at church, we decided to skip the band and came home. I got into my PJs and we watched Iron Man which I got DH for Christmas.  Since AF had not showed up, I decided to POAS.

Gosh, I can't remember the last time I POAS.  It's been a really long time.  This is the first time using a digital test too, pretty cool.  The last time I struggled with the decision to POAS because I was hoping that there was a possibility that it would be a BFP.  I was 5 days late then.  Of course as expected, not long after I POAS, AF came.  This time, I was not so optimistic about it.  I even had a few sips of wine during Christmas.  So I was not surprised when the stick showed "Not Pregnant".  

This time I took a picture of it.  That's one way to usher in a new year!

So, I opened up a bottle of wine cooler and ushered in the New Year.  It has been more than 17 hours since I POAS but still no sign of AF.  I'm sure she will be here soon.  I think I'll have another drink tonight.


  1. It is still possible, those digi's are not that sensitive. GL to you

  2. Don't stop believing. Hoping great blessings are in store for you this year.

  3. Hang on to HOPE...the 2ww is a bear!

    I try to look at the arrival of AF (although a huge let down) as the start of a new cycle, another opportunity to TTC again that will begin in just a few days. It seems to help soothe the hurt a bit :)

    Sending lotts of baby dust your way and praying for a BFP to show up soon.