Our Journey So Far

In deciding to blog about my IF journey, I spent a long time going over my medical records to try and figure out where I've been. It seems like I've been TTC for as long as I can remember. DH and I have been married since October 2002.  We decided to enjoy one year of our married lives without children, and started trying in Feb 2004.  Almost our entire marriage has been about TTC! No wonder I can't remember what it feels like not to be TTC! Anyway, here's short summary of our journey so far.

Oct - DH and I are married

Feb - Decided to start TTC

May - Saw OBGYN about difficulty in conceiving
Jul  - Went on Clomid
Aug - Went on Clomid
      - Had HSG (Hysterosalpingogram) done
      - Had SHG (Saline Infused Sonohysterography).   Discover a polyp
Sep - Hysteroscopy (#1) to remove polyp (#1)

Oct - First appointment with RE.  Decide to proceed with IUIs. IUI #1 - BFN
Nov - IUI #2 - BFN

Feb - Had diagnostic laparoscopy.  Fixed minor endometriosis.
Jun - IUI is cancelled
Jul - Forced to rest this cycle - 20 cysts discovered
Aug - IUI #3 - BFN

Jan - IUI #4 - BFN
Feb - IUI is cancelled. Another polyp is discovered.
Mar - Hysteroscopy (#2) to remove polyp (#2)
Dec - Hysteroscopy (#3) to remove yet another polyp (#3).

Feb - IVF #1 overseas - 12 eggs retrieved, 8 fertilized.  Transfered 2 embryos on Day 5. - BFN.
Aug - consulted with a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner and start on herbs.
Sep - 2nd month of TCM herbs
Oct - 3rd month of TCM herbs
Nov - Stop TCM herbs due to cold
Dec - Month off for the holidays

Jan - Met with local RE to discuss IVF.
Feb 1 - Started on BCPs
Feb 21 - Started Lu.pron
Feb 24 - Last day of BCPs
Mar 5 - Started stimulation meds
Mar 19 - IVF #2 Egg Retrieval - 8 eggs retrieved from left ovary only
Mar 21 - 6 eggs mature out of 8, only 1 fertilized.
Mar 22 - Found 2nd egg fertilized.
Mar 23 - Embryo 1 only still at 4-cells, and Embryo #2 at 2-cells
Mar 24 - Both embryos arrested, transfer is cancelled.
Apr 13 - Post-IVF consult with RE.  Did Karotype testing.
May 12 - Karotype test came back normal.
Jun 23 - Nurse's consult for July IVF #3
July 2 - Started stimulation medication
July 16 - IVF #3 Egg Retrieval - 7 eggs retrieved
July 17 - 3 eggs matured out of 7.  Delayed ICSI done. Only 2 fertilized.
July 19 - Embryo transfer - 2 Day 3 4-cell embryos transferred.(I named them ICSI and DICSI)
July 30 - Period and Beta.  BFN for IVF #3.
Sept 7 - Started new job - includes $10,000 medical benefit for infertility.  Another round of IVF??

Jun 17 - Stated stimulation meds
Jun 29 - IVF #4  Egg Retrieval - 12 eggs retrieved, the most we've ever had!!
July 1 - 8 eggs mature out of 12, 6 fertilized - embryos between 2 - 5 cells each.
July 5 - Day 6 transfer - only ONE morula (day 4) embryo.
July 13 - BFN.

Feb - Leaning towards adoption - but which? Domestic, international or embryo?
Feb 6 - Registered with Republic of Marshall Islands international adoption program.  On the waiting list.
Feb 21 - Attended adoption info meeting - found out we can be on both the international and domestic route at the same time.
Mar 1 - Officially on both the international and domestic adoption programs.  On waiting list for both programs.
Mar 5 - Background check with Department of Human Services
Mar 16 - Fingerprints done at the police station.
Apr 19 - Pre-Adoption training
Sept 7 - Dropped of adoption application forms and fee.
Nov 2 - First home study interview
Nov 21 - Second home study interview

Jan 24 - Home visit and third home study interview.  Informed agency we want to pursue embryo adoption.
Feb 13 - Agency informed us they would not be able to complete a home study for embryo adoption.
Feb 21 - Met with adoption agency to discuss options.  Agency agreed to complete home study with the condition it be transferred to another adoption agency for embryo adoption.
Apr 10 - Home study FINALLY approved!
May 22 - Initial appointment and mock transfer with Dr. Keenan at NEDC.  Approved medically and sent home with profiles of donor families.
June 7 - Selected 2 donor families.
June 10 - Both donor families accepted and approved us as embryo recipients.
July 25 - Transfer scheduled for September 22, 2013!!
July 26 - Open Donation Agreements with donor families signed and notarized.
Aug 30 - Baseline appointment - we are a go for September 23 transfer!
Sept 18 - Transfer cancelled, a polyp was found in my uterus.  Postponed to November.
Nov 20 - 3 day 5 blastocyst thawed, 2 "excellent" blasts graded 6AA and 4AA transferred.
Dec 1 - Beta #1 - 13, too low
Dec 3 - Beta #2 - 4.  Considered chemical pregnancy/early miscarriage.  Scheduled for January 2014 transfer.

Jan 21 - 2nd transfer at NEDC. 3 day 5 blastocysts thawed, graded at 3AA, 2AB & 2BC.  All three transferred.
Jan 30 - Beta #1 - 159!!  We're pregnant!
Feb 3 - Beta #2 - dropped to 44!  Another chemical pregnancy?
Feb 4 - Beta #3 - dropped again to 20.  It's over.  Confirmed another chemical pregnancy.


  1. Hi there,
    my name is Elvira. I have just found your website searching for "Wait Poem" and just looking at what you've been through. What I do have on my heart however is to ask you: Have you tried special Reproductive Immunology testing based on Dr. Alan Beer teachings and success. He's not around anymore but the centre in Chicago does all the testing, alternatively Prof. Gamal Matthias here in Australia, Bankstown or Miranda does also the testing, I just had mine done through him and found out the cause of my miscarriages and infertility struggles since 2005 till now. If you'd like to contact me private let me know so we can arrange something. I am sorry for what you went through, yet I do believe you will get the answer what you need to do. I stopped with many natural treatments, testings and had some break and this was the best decision I've made, then I found out about dear Prof. Matthias who sees so many patients usually in their late 30-ies after they've tried everything and had so many failed IVF cycles, he often gets to the bottom of it as why this is happening and has special protocol of treating women. All the best. God bless, Elvira

  2. Hello, I came across your page looking for hope on my current cycle. We've had several rounds of IUIs, IVFs & FETs. Just wanted to send a message to let you know we're thinking about you and sending nothing but positive vibes. Best of luck to you!!

  3. Hey girl,
    I've been following your blog for quite awhile and I have an idea for you. Want to talk? If so, please feel free to email: thankfulmommy45@gmail.com. I'll give you my number then. :) --K