Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Must Be My Imagination

**Warning: Boo.bs and breasts discussion ahead**

The last couple of days, I have noticed that my boo.bs seem to be slightly, how shall I describe it .... fuller?

First of all, I have small boo.bs.  I'm an A-cup, and if I'm lucky or depending on the brand of the bra, possibly a B-cup.  But the last few days, I thought, hmmm.... something feels different.  I feel like my boo.bs have gotten slightly bigger.  Must be my imagination.

It feels a lot like when I was on Follis.tim (follicle stimulating hormones), which one side effect for me was increased breast size (Woo hoo! I am actually looking forward to injectables!).  OK, so it's not quite like that, but similar.

Then I thought, maybe it's PMS?  I am on CD24.  But I never have any symptoms like this during PMS.  In fact I rarely have any PMS symptoms at all.

I also notice that my breast seemed denser, almost lumpy.  Oh no, breast cancer??  But then I think not, since I did a self breast exam, and both breasts feel similar.  I don't think it would feel the same on both sides if it were abnormal breast lumps.  I've heard sore or tender breasts could be a sign of pregnancy.  But denser or lumpy breasts?  I doubt it.  It's highly unlike I could be pregnant anyway.  Not this month.

Must be my imagination.

I am due for an annual exam, so I should just have the "girls" checked out.

p/s It feels really weird talking about my "girls" on here!


  1. Ohhhh I hope it's a good sign!!

  2. definitely one of preggy sign. Sending loads and loads of positive vibes your way sista!!!

  3. Talking about your "girls" sure make you seem happier. I know how you feel...always wondered why God didn't put gravity above us? Then my "girls" wouldn't be looking down so much but will be more perky!

  4. Hmmm... I'll be thinking happy thoughts for you...

  5. You honestly never know...sending TONS of positive bloggy vibes your way!!!

  6. I'm hoping it's a great sign!!!!!

  7. I'm hoping it's a good sign too!!! At the very least, your body getting ready for baby!

  8. Boob's...always a love hate relationship with mine. When I was a smaller cup size (B I believe) I said I wanted bigger boobs. Well, now that I have DDD's I want to take that back! LOL Maybe if they were lifted and not saggy I would have different thoughts...

    Wishing you all the best,
    Shannon - January ICLW