Friday, January 15, 2010

Estimated IVF Timeline and the OPK Guessing Game

I managed to talk a nurse from Dr. Hopeful's clinic today.  If AF is on schedule (which is doubtful based on the last couple of months), she should be here January 31st or February 1st.  I would start birth control pills starting on day 2 or 3 of my next cycle, followed by shots for 2 to 3 weeks.

Currently, my Egg Retrieval is estimated to be sometime the week of March 15th.  Embryo Transfer will be 5 days later.  I am scheduled for a Saline Infused Sonogram and trial transfer on Feb 9th, and our nurses consultation will be Feb 16th.  Finally, things are starting to fall into place and I have a plan!  I'm such a planner.  I've already updated our calendars in our home office and on my Palm.  I've also started an "IVF Log".  It's just something that I am using to keep track of dates of visits, conversations with nurses, notes, future appointments, next steps, etc.  Help keep me organized and something to refer to when I need to remember what was said and done, by who, and when.  It can be overwhelming.

On another note, tonight I peed on a OPK, being that it is CD12 and this will be my absolute last chance of having a baby the normal way!

What the heck!  There was no line at all!  At least last night there was a faint line.  So I fished out yesterday's stick from the trash can to make sure I am not losing my mind.

Here's a picture of the two sticks.  The top is from yesterday, it has a very faint line but it was darker last night (you are supposed to read it 3 minutes after you pee on it).  The bottom one is from tonight and it has no line at all.  Why is that?  I'm only on CD12 so I don't think I ovulated yet.  The same thing happened to me a couple of cycles ago too.  I thought it was because I bought the cheaper generic brand.  This month I used the good stuff, Clearb.lue.  I wonder if drinking a lot of water might affect it.  I did pee on the OPK after I got back from working out at a Zumb.a class the the Y.  So maybe drinking too much water can dilute your urine and no line appears?

I guess I will just have to pee on an OPK again tomorrow and see if the line magically appears again.


  1. The only time I have EVER gotten a positive on an OPK is between 12 and 4 pm. And I only use the digital ones, they're SO much easier! Hope this helps!

  2. i hate OPKs. they always make me feel like i don't know what i'm doing!

    yay for having a calendar for your upcoming IVF cycle! doesn't it feel good once things start falling into place?!

  3. Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog(s)! I'm glad you visited my new blog and hope you'll come back often!

    Just thought I would chime in and say that I have given up on OPKs that aren't digital. I had the worst time depicting every little line, how dark it was versus the day before and the day after. Having a friendly little smiley face is so much less stressful, despite the fact that they are more expensive. However, if you buy them once, you can usually get coupons inside and I almost always buy mine at CVS and use one of the $3 coupons that you get with every transaction (it seems) if you have a CVS card.

    Looking forward to adding you to my blogroll and reading more!