Saturday, January 16, 2010

Making Some Progress

Today I received two packages from Dr. Hopeful's clinic in the mail.  The first was from Melissa, the financial contact.  Included in the packet were some brochures on how to finance the IVF, payment information, comparison between paying by the cycle vs. the AttainIVF (shared risk) program, estimate of charges, etc.  Boring but important stuff.  I can't believe we have to put down a prepayment of almost $10K by the middle of next month!

The second package was from a nurse, which included an IVF handbook, letter with list of testing required and estimated dates, consent forms for IVF and cryopreservation of embryos, a list of medications that I will be taking, and a prescription for my BCPs.  It's been years since I've been on any kind of birth control.  Hmm..... I have to take BCPs, which are meant to prevent pregnancies, to help me get pregnant.  Feels weird.....

I'm excited though, I found out I 'm getting Folli.stim, Viv.elle and Endome.trin free from the clinic!  I'm not sure how much this is going to save me yet, but either way, I'm pretty happy.  Anything free is super at this point!

Next step, research the cheapest place to get my meds.  Any suggestions?  I heard Freedom is the cheapest?

It feels good to finally be making some progress.


  1. I know it is overwhelming and lots of information to process. I remember going through the same last year. Once it all sank in, I was very excited from lots of hope!! That is awesome that you will be getting free meds from your dr! My clinic gave me free ganiralex last cycle and I was so happy. I use Ascend for my meds. I used Caremark for my IVF but when they raised their prices -- Ascend was recommended to me. I would love to know if Freedom is the cheapest.... Best wishes for you with your IVF!!

  2. We used Freedom. I don't know if they are the cheapest, but they are who my RE recommended. They took care of all the ordering, all I had to do was call with our credit card number. Just so you know, the Vivelle runs about $125 for two boxes, the Endometrin is close to $100 for two weeks, and a 900mg cartridge of Follistim is about $1000. So that's about $1200 in free meds! :-D

  3. The financial aspect can be daunting, but the reward is priceless :) Sending you love and lotts of baby dust as you journey on to success!


  4. i know - totally assbackwards that you have to take BCPs to get pregnant. i guess the know what they're doing!

    and free meds?! that's amazing. i was lucky enough to receive some donated meds from my RE. it helped so much!