Thursday, January 7, 2010

International Blog Delurking Week

I learnt from Mel of Stirrup Queens that the first full week of January is International Blog Delurking Week.    I'm still new to the blogging world so this is all new and fun for me.

So, Happy International Blog Delurking Week, ya'll!  In honor of this, please delurk because I'd sure like to know who you are.    It's real easy. All  you have to do is leave a comment.

You can just say "Hi!", or tell me a little about yourself.  Where are you from?  How did you find me?  Do you have a blog of your own?  What's your story?  What's your favorite movie?  Who do you do you think is the hottest movie star around?  It can be anything, whatever floats your boat!

So please indulge me and let me know you were here.  Please, pretty please?


  1. I'm a follower but not a lurker. :) Just catching up on your posts, saying hi, and wishing you a happy new year! Hoping this will be a year full of blessings. Thanks for following my blog!

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  3. Hello from an admitted lurker. My name is Leslie and I found your site on Mel's site as I joined the ICLW week for the first time. I have a wonderful DH and we have a very spoiled chocolate lab. We have been TTC #1 for almost 3 years.... I wanted to wish you the best with your RE appt next week. I am hoping to get started on IUI #4 next week too. I have been on a forced break for the last month and can not wait to get started again. Happy New Year! Hopefully 2010 will be a great year for both of us!

  4. i recently found you, but i'm definitely following along. our journey is so similar. so i guess i'm officially delurking!