Saturday, January 9, 2010

Preparing For RE Appointment

We are meeting with the RE on Wednesday to discuss our next steps which will be IVF.  The last time we were supposed to meet with the RE after our 4th failed IUI was almost 2 years ago.  We knew that the next step would be IVF, and at that point, DH was not ready to pursue that.  So we actually cancelled our conference with the RE.

Well, it's been a while, and since nothing has happened (i.e. no babies or BFPs), DH is finally ready to move on to IVF with the RE.  I think I have a pretty good idea on what to expect, but still there are a lot of questions.  Since I am the one that has been doing all the research and obsessing over blogs and bulletin blogs (come on, admit it, I know you have too!), I'm hoping DH would get a better idea of what IVF entails.

So, in preparation for our appointment, I have prepared a list of questions for the RE when we meet her.  Thanks to Venting Vagina who steered me to her post on questions to ask in preparation for IVF, and to Jo who gave me some good suggestions, here's my list of questions.
  1. Do you provide any IVF orientation or training (I've heard some clinics offer orientations)
  2. What additional or repeat testing is needed?
  3. Can you provide details of the cost of IVF?
  4. What is the payment schedule like?
  5. Are we candidates for the Shared Risk program?
  6. Are there any ways to reduce the cost of IVF? (free meds, testing done somewhere else, etc.)
  7. What is the protocol to be used?  Why?
  8. What will the timing be?
  9. Are IM shots required in this protocol (I am OK with sub Q shots but am terrified of IM shots!)
  10. What is the success rate in cases similar to ours?
  11. Will ER and/or ET be done at the hospital or on site?
  12. Will you do a 3-day or 5-day transfer?  Why?
  13. How many embryos will be transfered?
  14. How do you store remaining embryos?  Do you freeze in multiples or singularly?  On site?
  15. Will we need to consider ICSI?
  16. Do we need to test for ovarian reserve? (I just heard about AMH, anti-mullerian hormones that can test for ovarian reserve)
  17. How will my meds be ordered/delivered?
  18. How available will you or your nurses be during the process?  Is there a particular nurse or advocate I can work with?
  19. What are the chances of miscarriage?
  20. What are the possible side effects of the IVF drugs and procedures?
  21. What can be done to increase the chance of success? (herbs, acupuncture, etc.)
Am I missing anything else? Do you have any good tips on what to ask the RE?  I'd love to hear about your IVF experiences.


  1. That is a great list of questions. I think you have most of what I can think of covered there. I wish you the best at your appt and I look forward to hearing about it on Wed!

  2. If you're willing to participate, perhaps you can find a clinical study in your area that focuses on IVF. Some of the trials give a stipend for participating, like $1,500 or free meds or something like that. Check out I found alot for PCOS-related IVF, ISCI, and all kinds of stuff.

  3. Christa, thanks for the info. Unfortunately there are no clinical trials going on in MN right now.

  4. There's a question that just came up that I wish I would have known to ask. We do not have coverage for IVF, but office visits and some meds are covered. Of course, that doesn't help much because the important stuff is not covered, including FSH. My RE prescribed me Follistim and I just found out that he actually prefers Gonal-f but since I'm paying out of pocket, they gave me the cheaper drug. Not sure about you, but I would prefer to pay for what the RE thinks will give me a greater chance at success, even if I have to pay more. I ended up getting the Gonal-f donated, but I would have paid for it too. Hope this helps. Good luck!