Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thaw Day!

Today's the big day!  My precious embryos are being thawed at NEDC today.

We adopted five 2PN (day 1) and seven blastocysts (day 5) embryos from our donor family.  My understanding is that NEDC will thaw three 2PN embryos and hope that we will have at least 2 that will grow into healthy multi cell (day 3) embryos.  If we get at least 2 healthy ones, then 2 will be transferred, possibly 3 if the third is of low quality or is not expected to survive.  If we get all 3 to be healthy multi cells, then one will be refrozen for future use.  If none of the 3 survive thaw, then NEDC will thaw the blastocysts to be transferred.  This is at a high level of what will happen.

I don't know all the details and I'm not going to worry about it.  Carol the embryologist is an expert and super experienced in this area.  I trust her expertise will leave it all in her hands.  Please pray that the embryos will survive the thaw and grow into healthy multi-cell embryos.

Tonight, we hop on the plane to Knoxville!  It's kind of amazing thinking that my little embryos are thawing and growing into bigger embryos, and on their way to meet us.  And we are hopping on the plane to make our way toward them.  Looking forward to meeting these little ones.

By the way, it's a gorgeous sunny day here today!

2 days to transfer!

Hours to our plane ride to Knoxville!