Sunday, May 4, 2014

Bye Bye Lupron

I just gave myself my VERY LAST Lu.pron shot for this transfer's protocol.  Hopefully this will be my last one, at least for a couple of years.  Meaning hopefully this May transfer will be successful and I will not have to do any more of these shots until we potentially come back for a sibling in a couple of years.

I have to admit I will miss doing these shots.  They are my "favorite" shots as they are the simplest, easiest and quickest shots, with the smallest needles.  And I will miss telling Babe, "I need to go shoot myself now!".

What I won't miss are the headaches, hot flashes and crazy dreams I get from them.  At least I think the dreams are from the shots.  I guess I did not blog about the dreams.  Let's just say that they are super wacky but unfortunately I forget most of them after I wake up.  I even had a scary nightmare.  As in "The Exorcist" and I'm-so-scared-I'm-afraid-to-to-back-to-sleep scary.  Hopefully these wacky dreams will end now.

Today I also increased my Es.trace (estrogen) pills to 3 times a day.  This will continue for another 8 days until my ultrasound and lab appointment that will determine if my lining is thick enough for transfer.  If that's a go (praying it will!), then our transfer will be as scheduled on May 16th.  PIO (progesterone in oil) shots will start after that.  And after that, off to Knoxville!

12 days to transfer.

10 days till we hop on the plane to Knoxville.


  1. So excited! Things are moving so quickly!

  2. Goodbye Lupron! I completely get what you are saying about these being your "favorite" shots. I agree with that comment! Saying prayers that this transfer is it for you and hoping the time until transfer and your 2ww goes quickly

  3. I just wanted to thank you for your blog. Reading it has comforted me since my story is similar to what you have gone through. I thank you for being willing to write about your experience. The funny insensitive videos on your site were so wonderful. I shared it with another friend who has gone through similar struggles and we both laughed hysterically and for the first time felt some lightness to our situations. I am praying and hoping for your upcoming transfer. You once asked your readers what gets us through it. I really think my faith has played a strong role in my response. As much as I desire children, I know that God never promised me them. But I also know that he is a gracious God who tells us to be constant in prayer. I also trust in God's plan even when it isn't like my own since my own plan would have involved getting pregnant very easily after marriage so many years ago. I will continue to check your blog and be in prayer for you.