Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Welcome June ICLWers!

Welcome ICLWers!  It's time again for ICLW.

For those going what the heck is ICLW, it's stands for International Comment Leaving Week.  It's a week dedicated to honoring and encouraging commenting on fellow bloggers' sites.  It's a great time to find new blogs and make new friends.  Check out the complete list of ICLWers on Mel's official June ICLW page.

For those visiting for the first time, welcome!

A quick intro: I am 36++ years old and have been married to Babe for almost 8 years. We have been TTC our first baby for more than 6 years.  So far, we have yet to see a BFP.  We have gone through multiple IUIs and 2 IVFs, but still no baby.  You can read a summary of our journey here.

In March, during our last IVF cycle, we did not make it to embryo transfer as our 2 embryos arrested before they could make day 5.  It was a very difficult time for me as I didn't expect all our embryos to not survive.  To make matters worse, they could only access my left ovary during egg retrieval because my right ovary was in a "difficult location".  Previously, my diagnosis was "unexplained infertility" but now, my RE thinks that I low quality eggs due to age.  If you are interested in how my last IVF cycle turn out,  you can read my posts from March, starting from around March 10th.

I am currently waiting to start my next IVF cycle in July.  In fact, I have my nurse's consult tomorrow.  This next cycle, we are planning on doing ICSI since we had a low fertilization rate last time.  Unfortunately, my RE anticipates that we will continue to have issue accessing the right ovary.  So it all depends on the left ovary this cycle.  I am currently doing acupuncture and traditional chinese herbs, so I am hoping that will help with the quality of my eggs this time.

Thanks for visiting my blog, and I hope you stick around to see how this next cycle plays out.

Happy ICLW!


  1. I've never done ICLW but love finding all sorts of new people and stories!!

    Yours, however, is not new to me and am praying that this July cycle will be THE one!!! Watching and waiting with you!!!

  2. I am hoping and hoping hard that July is your month! We need some good news in this blogosphere, dangnabbit.

  3. I wanted to wish you the best with your upcoming IVF cycle! I really hope that it will bring you your BFP! Will they be changing your protocol? I will be cheering you on!

  4. Did you redo your layout? I love it! I didn't know IVF was next month-how exciting! Crossing my fingers for you...

  5. Hoping this next IVF is the one for you!!

    I think I'll stick around to find out :).

    ICLW #69

  6. A- Praying for you and your hubby that this will be the IVF for you. I didn't realize you'd be doing ICSI too. We'll have to do that, if we do IVF. Please update on your consult after you have that tomorrow. Hope to see you Thursday.

  7. Hoping that you will get your BFP soon!

    Ashlee, ICLW #180

  8. Good luck with your appointment today! Cannot wait till you get started again! Keeping everything crossed for you!

  9. Praying for July's IVF round to be THE one for you... hang in there, chica!

    Happy ICLW wednesday!

  10. Good Luck with your cycle! Sending positive thoughts your way.......