Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Feeling Better

I'm feeling better after finding out that I'm going to be an aunt again.  This will be my sixth niece/nephew conceived since we started trying to conceive over 6 years ago.  I guess it doesn't get any easier with each pregnancy announcement (intended or not) when I first hear it, but I do get over it.

I made it through Saturday night dinner fine until the in-laws left.  Didn't do so well after that.  I had myself a little pity party, including crying in bed.  I even skipped church on Sunday.  Being that it was Father's Day and all, and just getting sucky news, I was not up for church.  Plus, my eyes were all puffy from the crying the night before.  Fortunately, we already celebrated FD on Saturday with Babe's dad, so we were able to avoid the festivities.

I'm actually doing better now.  I am happy for my BIL and SIL.  My niece will be almost 4 when her little sister/brother comes along.  She'll make a great big sister.  Even though at my last post about this, I mentioned my BIL and SIL would probably have a boy and beat us to passing on the family name, I'm actually hoping they have a boy.  I think it would be perfect for them to have a little girl and a little boy.  Of course they could have more kids if they wanted, but if not, one of each is perfect, in my opinion.

I really am happy for them.  I can say that now without feeling like a fraud.  I'm over the initial shock.  It's really is hard to hear pregnancy news, but I am always so happy for others when they do have babies!  Now I can look forward to seeing them over the 4th of July weekend when we go see them in Michigan.  I'm sure they are planning to announce they news then, unless my mother-in-law breaks the news to them that she had inadvertently let the cat out of the bag!

In other news, I heard from my recruiter today.  It looks like the hiring manager for the position I had the phone interview for is currently out of the country, so it may be a while before I hear anything about an in-person interview.  The other position that I applied for has just been filled.  I'm trying to be realistic and not get my hopes up too high for this position.  I know it was very hard to get into this company, so I'll just take it easy.  More importantly to focus on getting knocked up this next IVF cycle!


  1. I am glad you are feeling better.. I think it's so important to let our feelings out rather than keep them in but I do know how painful that can be.Sending you a BIG hug. Sorry to hear about one of the positions being filled.. but I have a feeling things will work out for the best in the end and you'll land the perfect job! :)

  2. so glad you are feeling better. You have amazing perspective and are clearly a great aunt. Pregnancy news always takes a while to sink in for me. I wish we could have a public service announcement out there requesting that pregnancy news come in email form so that we are able to react how we need to before having to face anybody in real life. I also think when it is in your family it is even harder.
    I am wishing you luck in your job hunt, but more importantly on this next cycle.

  3. You can't see it but I'm currently giving you a standing ovation. Despite my always trying to go with the flow and have a sense of humor, I never take pregnancy announcements well. I just don't. Yes, I'm always happy for them... I'm just also sad for me. And it's usually never anything personal against the person who is pregnant either. I just hate that I don't have that kind of news. It also always humbles me when I think of JUST HOW MANY PEOPLE have gotten pregnant and given birth in the time that we've been trying. Ugh! It's not easy but you seem like you were honest with your own feelings while still being supportive. You have my very best wishes. -- Jay

  4. It's very hard to see everybody concieve before you, and later see their kids grow up and wonder how big yours would have been if you had no problems concieving... I still feel like someone punched me in the gut everytime I get a pregnancy anouncement, but I am also happy after a day or so, its completely normal...

  5. That is tough to hear about other family members' pregnancies...especially 6, ouch! I have an uber-fertile sister that just had her 4th, so I can relate... Good that you're focusing on the positive though, and looking forward to having another niece/nephew. When my sis told me they were trying, I had a little pity-party for myself ( who dealing with IF wouldn't??), but then was excited about it--and assured her of that as well. THey have beautiful kids, and why would I want to rob myself of the privilege of having another beautiful niece or nephew to lighten up their world and mine??

    Hang in there re: the job... HR dept's never seem to move as fast as you'd like them to, when you're on the interviewing end...

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you that both the interview and the IVF will turn out well!

    Happy ICLW!

  6. I"m so sorry about the news of being an aunt again. It is so difficult when you want to be excited for them. But at the same time it's fair to be sad for yourself.

    Big hugs to you!

  7. I'm so sorry that you were so broken up about the news. Pregnancy news is really hard to take, especially from someone in the family. I'm glad that you're ok about it now. I think it's wonderful that you're focusing your energy back towards yourself with your upcoming IVF, and possibly a new job too! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some great news!

  8. Its tough, I guess we just have to find our own ways to deal with it. I just try to not think about it when I hear someone is... I'm always happy for them, but its easier if I can just block it out. I know it might be weird, but Its easier for me to hear about people who have had TTC, probably because I know the pain that people like us go through while TTC. My friend who just had her baby sent me a text/pic... I just replied back congrats.. I'd love to go spend time with her, but she is very self centered and is not understanding of our situation. Hope to see you soon!!!

  9. Hearing preg announcements is hard, but when its a family announcement its even harder. The proud Grandparents make things worse, as they are excited and want to talk about the "good news" which stings a bit.

    I understand how you feel and you are NOT a fraud :)

    HUGS and so happy you have some perspecitve, but its okay feel all those emotions too...its normal

  10. It sounds like you are in a better place now... It's so hard when we know we should be happy for someone and yet we struggle just to hold it together. Hang in there... Hope all goes well with the appointment today!