Friday, June 18, 2010

Still Alive

I'm alive!!  Yes, I'm still alive and kicking!  Sorry, I have been MIA, and for such a long time too!  I can't believe my last post was 2 weeks ago!  Apologies are due to my readers!

I have had a busy last couple of weeks.  I had the sincerest intentions of posting about them in detail, but looking back now, I think I will just do a overview of the last couple of weeks.  The more I waited to post, the harder it was to sit down and write.

So here's what you missed in the last couple of weeks.
  • I started acupuncture.  It took a lot of thought, reading, research, counsel and prayer before I decided to actually do it.  I knew what to expect, but yet didn't quite know what to expect.  Does that make sense?  I thought maybe it would be a more dramatic experience, but it was quick, simple and relaxing.  My practitioner, we'll call her AcuGirl, put needles in on the top of my head, between my eyebrows, on my hands between my thumb and index fingers, my lower abdomen (ovaries and uterus), my lower legs and near my big toes.  After the first session (I've had 3 so far), she also used a heating lamp on my lower abdomen area.  I found that to be very relaxing, and could feel a change in my blood flow in my pelvic area.  I could even feel the difference later in the day after my appointment.  I plan on seeing AcuGirl once a week, unless my cycle changes once I start stims.  I also started taking Chinese herbs as well.  I'm hoping this will help with the quality of my eggs.
  • Four of us gals from the Patiently Waiting infertility support group got together for lunch.  It was a fun girls lunch out, and of course we chatted about the frustrations of TTC.  
  • A high school friend from my home country was in town over a weekend.  He was traveling for work and happened to be in town visiting some of his clients.  Babe and I played host over the weekend.  We enjoyed some very delicious (and expensive) French food.  It was so worth it though.  Even Babe, who does not care too much for "fancy" food was super impressed.  I was so happy he enjoyed it.  We also had some delicious Japanese food - sushi, sashimi and other seafood.  I guess you could say that "luckily" I am not pregnant, so I can actually enjoy these food!
  • Remember my last post where I talked about working on my resume and prescreen questions?  Well, I did it.  I applied for not one, but 2 positions at the same company.  After submitting my resume, I got a request for a phone interview.  Of course, since I had not been using my noggin' (brain) in such a long time, I decided to have the phone interview the next week.  I spent all week stressing out and prepping myself for a phone interview.  Well, the interview was a high level prescreen call.  And I mean a very high level call.  I was expecting the recruiter to ask me some classic interview questions, maybe even some behavioral questions.  Nope, nada, zip.  Not one.  He just asked the basic salary, why I left, why I want to work there, etc.  I think I had more questions for him and he did for me.  In the end, I think the call went fairly well.  I should find out at the end of today or early next week if they want me to come in for an in-person interview.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  And just in case, I got my suit dry cleaned.
  • Every year, Babe's family has a family reunion at one of his aunt's house by the lake.  This year was no different.  There were 8 kid running and chasing around their Uncle Babe.  They all ADORE Babe.  It's so funny because all his nieces and nephews wanted to sit next to him at lunch.  He's so great with kids, and like the last few years, it still hurts somewhat to see him playing other's people's kids but not our own.  I can't wait till he can focus all his attention on HIS kids.
  • We were supposed to have a nurse's consult on Tuesday for our next round of IVF.  I cancelled it because I wanted to talk to Dr. Hopeful about trying to access the eggs from my right ovary.  I will post about this later.
It's amazing how a little distraction away from IF related stuff can cause me not to post for 2 weeks!  Also, I'm 2 weeks behind in reading my everyone else's posts.  I hope I am not missing out on too much.  It will take me a while to get back in the swing of things.


  1. I'm glad to hear you've started up the acupuncture, I love it and I think the stress relief is unlike anything I've ever had. I hope you continue to enjoy it! And welcome back!

  2. A- Thanks for your comment and continued prayers. I didn't think we'd start things this week, but we are! Kinda still in shock that we are, but we are ready. I'm excited to see how the acupuncture works for you. Please keep us posted on that... and please keep us posted on your conversations with Dr. Hopeful. I've been wondering where your blogging went. I enjoy reading yours. See you Tuesday maybe?

  3. Hey there... acupuncture is great... i started on it with the herbal tea a month ago & it has at least helped me feel a lot better... Would love to know more about how you're going to try to access the eggs from your right ovary... is this a different procedure from the regular IUI/IVF?
    Have a great weekend!!

  4. So glad you started Acu. I personally love it, and miss it dearly since I haven't been cycling for a while. I think that regardless of what it does physically, it's extremely beneficial mentally - for me anyway.

    And it's great that you have a group of ladies you can meet with who 'get it'. I feel extremely lucky to have my own little group.

    Welcome back!