Saturday, June 19, 2010

Baby News on Facebook (Not Mine)

In the last few days I got some baby news.  First of all, a gal from high school who's a year my junior just posted some pictures on her page.  I like looking at her pictures because she lives a pretty jet set life, always traveling around the world on vacation.  I envy her travels (who won't?), but love seeing her pictures.  I just saw her last photos.... "3rd Wedding Anniversary Trip & Babymoon".

Yeah.... babymoon, you know those trips people take before the baby arrives?  I wouldn't know anything about that.

She posted pictures of her and her hubby enjoying themselves laying around on the white sandy beaches of Mexico, snorkeling in the water, sporting a beautiful big baby belly.  Hmph.... hate to admit it, but I'm jealous.  You'd be too, right?

Then just a couple of days ago, my friend, Brian from church sent out an invitation on to join a group he started to let people know that him and his wife are adopting.  That is so exciting.  I had no idea they were adopting, or had fertility issues.  I'm so happy for them.  They are even having a walk to raise funds for the adoption.  I'm praying that things go well for them, and that they get picked as parents soon.  They would make awesome parents!


  1. I hate all baby-moon, sono, and prego pics on fb. In fact, I often think about suspending my membership so I do not have to see that stuff.
    P.S. that is very cool about the adoption. I hope they do well with their fund raising efforts.

  2. Oh I had a friend post a baby moon status update recently too. Of course you're happy for them but its so hard to handle because the reality is that we, as infertiles, even when we do get pregnant (because we will, we have to) will probably never feel safe and secure enough to take a holiday BEFORE THE BABY IS BORN to celebrate! I don't think we'd believe it until the baby is in our arms staring into our eyes.
    Nice news about your friends adoption path though, and how awesome that they are being so open about it. I wish them well.