Friday, June 4, 2010

Headache, Job and IVF

I have a headache.  I've had it since yesterday.  Not sure if it's the BCPs, or the stress from the whole applying for a job thing.  I'm leaning more towards the job thing.

I worked on my resume all day yesterday.  It shouldn't have taken that long, but it did.  It's difficult to think that hard when you haven't used your brain like that in a while.  It's probably a good thing, in case I forget totally how to use it.  I managed to send my resume in to the recruiter last night.

I spent all day today working on a document with prescreen questions on it.  Yeah, they won't even look at your resume until you have your prescreen questions answered.  Only then will they look at your resume.  Again, it shouldn't have taken such a long time to answer 15 questions.  Questions like what is your long term career goals, why do you want to work for this company, tell me your experience working in....., etc.  But it did.  I wanted to make sure that I think carefully about the answers I put down.  With it being a Word document, it's going to exist forever, and it may come back to bite me in the ass sometime in the future.  But it's done.  I just sent the final copy of my resume and the prescreen questions to the recruiter just now so she can submit it to the company tomorrow.  I'm just relieved that it's done.  Maybe the headache will go away now.

Last night, I tried to have the "What if this IVF doesn't work" discussion with Babe.  I wanted him to start thinking about what our next steps would be.  But it didn't go so well.  He didn't want to talk about or think about it.  His rationale is, he wants to go into this next IVF assuming it's going to work.  He wants to go in feeling positive about it.  If it doesn't work, then he can be disappointed.  He doesn't want to approach it thinking it's not going to work, and being disappointed with the whole thing for the next couple of months even before the procedure.

I can understand how he feels.  Actually I'm glad he feels that way, it totally makes sense.   We could use all the positivity we can get!

Being me, of course I'm trying to lay out our plans for the next few months, especially with a potential job coming up for me.  Also I wanted to start having the conversation about adoption, specifically embryo adoption.  Not that we are making any decisions yet, of course, but I just wanted to put it out there.  Maybe have him start thinking about it.  But he's not ready to give up yet (Yay!).

One thing that still bothers Babe is the fact that the RE could not get to the eggs in my right ovary at the last retrieval.  He wants to know why.  I've explained it to him before, that because of where the right ovary was located, high and behind the uterus, the RE would have had to go through the uterus to retrieve the eggs, and they did not want to do that.  That would disrupt the uterus and would impact embryo implantation.  Babe is not satisfied with the answer.  He thinks there should be a way to access the eggs.  A laparoscopic surgery, maybe?

Does anyone know if there is another way to access eggs other then via the usual IVF procedure?

I'm going to have to call my RE and find out if there is a way that we can access the eggs in the right ovary during retrieval.


  1. I wanted to wish you luck with everything. I have the what if IVF fails conversation all the time with my husband, I have this need to have a back up plan that will not go away. Those conversations never go well in my house. It is so hard to make reasonable decisions for yourself when everything is up in the air like this.
    Hang in there.

  2. Good job on your resume and screening questions! I'm proud of you! Way to warm up your noggin! :)

  3. Your conversations with your husband sound so, so much like mine!

    As for other ways to get eggs, I think there are---but the RE needs to be prepared for them--like, he/she can't get in there, realize the ovaries are high/far/whatever and then just switch gears. I don't know much about it because that hasn't ever been something I've dealt with, but I've read about it with others and I think there are definitely other ways--but they have to be sort of thought of before hand. Not sure but curious as to what your RE will say!!!

  4. I had an ovary that was hard to reach. The Dr went in with a needle like what they use for an amnio through my stomach belly button area.

    Also, my Dr had told me that he prefers to use frozen embreyos. Your body is much more ready to receive a baby that way - something to do with hormones and all the meds you take to stimulate multiple egg growth. Maybe your Dr would consider taking your eggs, doing ICSI, freezing and then doing a frozen egg transfer later after your body heals - if they have to go in through your uterus to surgically remove the eggs.

  5. Goodluck with your resume! I wish I knew more on other ways to retrieve eggs. I know for men they can use a needle to aspirate sperm....which sort of sounds like what Kristi above maybe went thru something similar. Glad hubby is being positive, it really helps! Hugs xxx

  6. You've got alot going on in your life right now. No wonder you've had a headache for two days. That usually is how stress manifests itself in me....through a terrible headache.

    I can definitely relate to the "what-if" conversations. My hubs is so much of a "one thing at a time" man, and I'm a planner. I want the steps planned out well in advance. Argh.

    I'll have all fingers and toes crossed for you that you hear good news about the job! Baby vibes too for you!


  7. hey babes - if your docs have trouble getting to that ovary again, can they just go through the uterus, and then freeze the embies until you "heal"?? you had soooo many follies on that side last time, that it seemed like such a "waste" (if you will) that they couldn't retrieve those eggies.

    regardless, wishing you *best of luck* on this next go. i hope #3 is your lucky number and i'll be rooting for you :o)

  8. Hi! I'm new here, found your blog via my friend's blog, but I wanted to let you know that I totally understand your conversations with your DH. So similar to mine.

    Also, my left ovary was behind my uterus. During retrieval, they went through my uterus to get to those left ovary eggs. And...subsequent implantation in the uterus was fine. Maybe your ovary is is a different, more difficult to reach place than mine, but I'm not sure that it's a foregone conclusion that going aspirating through the uterus is out of the question. Hope that helps!!!