Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Unexpected Blessings

I received not one, but two boxes of meds in the mail today.  The first was from Trie.ssent, the pharmacy that  was covered by my insurance.  The second came from Wal.greens Specialty Pharmacy, for the ones I had to pay cash for. They were very similar to the ones I received previously received in this post, minus the Lu.pron.  I have what I need to get started on my next cycle.

It is such a blessing to know that there is an awesome community of IFers out here in the blog world.  I mentioned previously about how expensive IVF meds are, and how a couple of ladies had volunteered to donate their leftover meds to me.  Well, a couple more ladies have contacted me and have offered to do the same.  It is so amazing that there such amazing and generous people out there.  I didn't even ask anyone for these, they just offered all on their own.  All I can say is that thanks to them, I will be able to save some money on meds this cycle.  Every little bit helps.  Thanks so much ladies, you know who you are.

Tonight's my last night of BCPs.  Yay, I'm so glad to be done.  Next up, first ultrasound appointment on Thursday, and stims start on Friday.  Here we go......

Today, I met up with K and E, and my 2 1/2-year-old, goddaughter L for our monthly Girl's Sushi Lunch Out.  Hopefully this will be the last time I will be able to have (raw) sushi for a very long time.  After lunch, we hung out for a bit and prayed for each other.  K has also been TTC, and just started her 2nd round of IUIs.  We are praying that both K and I will be pregnant this year.  It is such a blessing to not only be around those who care and can relate to TTC, but also be able to pray for each other.

When I got home from lunch today, I received and email from the company recruiter for the job I had applied for.  The company wanted me to send in a list of references' email addresses.  These references will be emailed an online form to send in feedback about me.  Someone will be contacting me in the  next couple of days to schedule an in-person interview.  Yay!  I was starting to lose hope in this position since it had been 2 weeks since my phone interview.  Things are rolling again.  I'm excited about this.  The only downside is the interview probably won't happen until after the long 4th of July weekend, which means I will be thinking about it all weekend long!

Babe, I, and another couple went to the Minnesota Twins vs. Detroit Tigers baseball game today.  It was a gorgeous day for a baseball game in the brand spanking new Tar.get Field stadium.  It was my first time to a major league baseball game.  I was able to get the tickets for $29 (face value) each from a friend, a real steal considering it how hot the tickets are.  I've heard ticket go for $75 to $100, or more for tickets to these games.  The best part was of course, the Twins beat the Tigers 11- 4!!  Go Twins!

Thank you, God for all the wonderful, unexpected blessings you have provided today!


  1. That is a lot of blessings all in one day!! I am so happy that things are turning around for you! I remember I was so happy to be done with my BCPs, their side effects were worst than the actual IVF meds, so congrats for that!!! congrats on the job interview and for your team winnig! Happy for your and cannot wait to read up on your progress!!

  2. Sending you love and hugs as you journey forward :) And, I am praying for both you and your friend K...that this is the last time both of you have to do ART. I have such FAITH in this cycle for you :)

    And, how very thoughtful and giving of the ladies to offer up the med's they didn't use, as they are so expensive. What a wondeful community!

    Many Hugs and Lots of Prayers coming your way!

  3. How wonderful that people were able to donate meds to you for this cycle! Every little bit helps. Praying this works for you. . .

  4. Great news about the meds!!! So happy for you...

  5. Praying for a successful cycle and a successful job process!!!!!