Tuesday, May 4, 2010

No News Is Good News?

I called my RE's office today about the best way to send them my IVF lab report from my first IVF that was done overseas (I'm working on this post!).  At the same time, I checked on the status of my Karotype testing.

If the result is abnormal, someone (hopefully the RE) will call.  If the result is normal (praying that it is!) no one will call.   How can they not call if the results are normal?  Don't we IFers do enough waiting already?  Sigh...... I guess no news is good news.

Please don't call!  Please don't call!
I wanted to know if they had heard anything yet, but the receptionist assured me that it really does take a month for the result to come back.  It's only been 3 weeks.  Yeah, only (insert sarcastic tone).  I'll have to wait till after May 11th to call them back, if I still have not heard anything.  I want to make sure that I'm not sitting on my hands, wasting a cycle if the results are normal.

In the meantime, let's hope I don't get any calls from the clinic.


  1. Crossing my fingers that you don't get a phone call!!!

  2. I hope you don't get a phone call and that your test results are normal.

  3. I hate that whole 'no news is good news' policy. I would rather know definitively, either way.

    I'm hoping and praying that you don't get any phone calls, and that you can stay sane while you wait.

  4. I say call when you feel like calling and who cares if they get frusterated. We deserve to be treated with care and have to be advocates for ourselves. So, call when the 4 week mark hits :)

    Praying the results are normal sweet friend.

    Much Love,

  5. I'm with Andrea, call when you want to, it's their job to listen!!! Praying no news is good news honey and that you can hop back on the bandwagon and get a baby growing in your belly, so we can see if he/she has your hair or Babe's!!!!

  6. Sigh. We're always waiting for something aren't we? Wish it were a nine-month wait. I think we could both handle that without a whisper of complaint.
    I'm betting your karotype will come back normal!

  7. I think that the best thing is if you get so happily distracted with something wonderful and fun this week that when the Dr. calls with GOOD NEWS, you'll be like, "karyo-what? oh! that thing! oh, that's good that we're normal. thanks for reminding me about something I wasn't worried at all about." =)

    [on a personal note: hubs and I will be deciding whether or not we take the test...so I'm kinda on edge to see what kind of results/outcome can be yielded from such a thing...hope you don't mind me hovering around for your results and the rest of this journey! =P]

  8. Praying for your peace of mind, and I agree that you should feel that you can call them at any time...dont let them boss you...boss them. Hugs xxx

  9. Everything crossed for no phone calls for you in a week!!! And totally agree, I think a call is due whatever the outcome...especially when it comes to IF!

  10. Annoying, why not just call either way when they come in??? I'm being annoyed for you.

  11. I'm in the call when you want to call camp. In fact, I'd call every. single. day.

    Yep. Every one. (In a very cheery, singsong SnowWhite voice) "Oh, hi! Me again. Any news? Same as yesterday? Okay, thanks! Talk to you tomorrow!"

    Seriously--this is your life!!!! Your future! Your family! The not calling if everything is normal is just not good enough for me. I want a call either way because I want to know, either way.

    BUT...if it's this way, then praying, praying, praying it's all normal!!! Hugs!

  12. You call everyday if ya wanna! sometimes picking up the phone is all we can do to keep us going crazy! Praying for only good news for you!