Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day Giveaway Winner

Thank you all for participating in my Mother's Day pomegranate earrings giveaway.  I loved reading all the things you would love your fertile friends to know about infertility or baby loss.  I can relate to almost all that was written and also learned a thing or two as well.  I also appreciate the kind words about my desire to celebrate Mother's Day.

As for the winner, it was decided somewhat randomly.  I had Babe randomly picked a number between 1 and 13 (since 13 people left comments for that post).  Babe picked the number 4 (after first picking 14, he's funny that way).

So the winner is the 4th commenter, Crossing My Fingers from Crossing My Fingers But Not My Legs.

She wrote "The one thing I want people to know is that infertility is a lot harder than you think it is! It's not easy as relax, don't stress, go on vacation...its an up hill battle, so many ifs...something I would never wish on my worst enemy!"

I think we can all agree with her!
Congrats, CMF!  I hope you enjoy these earrings.  And may it bring you lots of baby dust!


  1. I'm so super excited!!! Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  2. Sending you hugs as you were super sweet to do this giveaway!

    Continuing to pray for your future success :)


  3. I loved this idea so much, and since I didn't win the earrings, I thought I'd try to make some, a pair for myself and a pair to give to a fellow infertile gal. But I'm having the WORST luck trying to find the pomegranate charms. Is it like, totally uncool of me to ask you where you were able to find them?

  4. Woops, spoke too soon, found some! I hope I can do them half as much justice as your gorgeous earrings!