Sunday, August 4, 2013

Trip Booked

Last night, I booked our trip to Knoxville for our 9/22 transfer!
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I ended up booking a vacation package through Travel.ocity.  For our direct flight from Minneapolis/St. Paul, 4 nights of hotel and car rental for the entire trip, it cost me a little less that $1,100.  This is actually pretty good.  For our last trip, we booked through Orb.itz (best deal then) and paid around $1,000 for airfare with one-stop, 2 nights hotel and car rental.  The really nice difference about this trip is now there is a direct flight to Knoxville which not only is cheaper, but will save us about 3 hours of transit time each way.

Depending on how my body responds to the medication, there is a chance that our transfer may be delayed a day or 2, or cancelled all together.  Because of this, we are staying an extra day, leaving 2 days after our transfer (NEDC requires us to stay at least one day before traveling).  We also chose a different hotel that allowed free cancellation/change without a significant increase in price.  If we had to change our dates, we would still have to pay a cancellation fee of $200 for our airline tickets, but at least we won't have to worry about paying a fee for the hotel or car rental.

Thanks to Shannon from Room For More for introducing me to where you can get coupons, promo code and cash back for just about anything you purchase online.  Just for my Travel.ocity booking and going through Ebates, I will receive a $23 cash back.

So glad this booking is done!  Now I can concentrate on other things.  Like ordering medication and trying to remember how to shoot myself (with meds, of course!)

On another note, thanks to those that commented on my last post about adding adopted kids to our family tree.  I agree that it is important to show both adoptive and donor families, although at this point, I am not sure how the donor families will feel about that.  Also, I looked into adding adopted families on the family tree, and currently, does not have the feature to do so.  Looks like people have been requesting this feature on the website since 2009.  I guess I may have to wait a little longer, or may have to find another genealogy website that has that feature.  I'll cross that road when I get there.

Finally, I am so happy to share the news that Malia, another embryo adoption mama from NEDC has given birth to a beautiful baby girl.  Go congratulate her!


  1. :) So exciting we are all booked and ready to go in Sept. I still need a car rental, trying to find a better deal than $65/day. We stay at the Hilton right next to the airport for the convenience of only needing the rental car for 2 days during our 3 night stay. If you are on the executive level they offer free breakfast and snacks throughout the day and they have a nice restaurant inside. I started a blog with some journal entries I have wrote since starting this process almost a year ago.