Sunday, August 25, 2013


I have been wanting to post this for about a couple of weeks now but had to wait till now to do so.

A few days after my birthday, my sweet friend K and I met for a belated birthday lunch.  She had been an acquaintance a few years back but and then we met again at our Patiently Waiting infertilty support group about 4 years back.   We have been pretty close since then going through our ups and downs of infertility.  She has had 6 miscarriages and was finally 16 weeks pregnant at that time.

K bought me lunch and before we said our good byes, she gave me a birthday card and then gave me a ring that had the words "hope" engraved around it.  At first she thought she would give me the ring as it was something that gave her hope during all those painful years.  Then she had second thoughts about it - with it not being new nor shiny, and it was "used".  So she had decided to skip it.  But then right before she walked out the door, she felt prompted to give it to me anyways.

She said she wanted to give me the ring because she was very hopeful for my transfer in September, and also that she wanted to give me hope that this will work.  She said a lot of really sweet things too, but I don't remember too much because I started bawling!  I think it was something along the lines of how she thought I had been so strong over the many years I have been going through infertility.  That I always had hope and maintained my faith, but had also given her hope during the last few years when she had lost hope herself.  I thought, me?  Really? I didn't think I was strong nor was I that hopeful myself.

She apologized that the ring was not new but hoped I would find hope in having it.  Oh my, I was so moved!  Not only did I not care that it is not new, but the fact that it was hers makes it even more special.  I am so grateful for this.  I have always wanted to get a little something for myself as a reminder to remain hopeful during my procedures, but never did.  This, I will treasure.  I have decided to wear this ring together with my engagement and wedding bands.  They fit like they were meant to be together anyway.

I had to wait to post about this is because K had not shared with the rest of our infertility support group that she is pregnant.  I wanted to wait till she had a chance to share this news with the others before posting here as some of the members of the group read this blog.  She is hopeful but also understandably nervous that about her pregnancy.  Please keep K in your prayers that her pregnancy will be healthy and she will finally be blessed with a healthy baby after so many losses.

"HOPE" engraved all around the ring.

Fits almost perfectly with my engagement ring and wedding band.


  1. How sweet :) I'm hopeful for you, too! And prayerful!

  2. how wonderfully beautifully perfect! What a treasure for so many reasons..... please tell k that I am praying for her as well. What a blessing! And please, keep us updated as her pregnancy progresses :)

  3. What a wonderful gift and story to treasure for everyone. They fit together beautifully! Prayers and hugs for all of you.

  4. It looks so pretty. What a sweet and special gesture. I cried when I read this. You HAVE been so strong for many years. You are an inspiration to us all. And congratulations to K—wow, so happy for her!!!!

  5. Speechless.What a wondergul gift.Never give up!!!

  6. What a beautiful gift, and what a wonderful friend.

    I wish so much for you that September brings you good news.