Thursday, August 29, 2013

Donor Order Switch & Calendars

Yesterday, we finally made the decision to switch the order of our donor families.  If you remember, I had posted in the past how our first option, Family A is more like us physically and Family B, we seemed to have more in common and have more of a connection.  You can read more about our donor families here and here.

After discussing this with Babe, Debbie our counselor, and a few other people, we made the decision to switch the order.  I emailed Angie the coordinator at NEDC and she confirmed our changed, marked that in our medical records and informed the embryologist of this.

If you are keeping track, going forward we will refer to the donor families as this:
         First Family: Formerly known as Family B
         Second Family: Formerly known as Family A

So, going into our transfer on 9/22, we will thaw and transfer embryos from First Family first.  That means we will start off with the 3 blastocysts from First Family.  If only one or zero blasts survive the thaw, then blastocysts from Second Family (of which we have 5) will be thawed and transferred.  We will mostly likely transfer 2 embryos, but up to 3 if the quality of the third one is not great.

It's good to finally make the decision to switch.  Deep down I've wanted to switch the order for a while.  Now we pray that this works!

Things are going to start picking up medication wise.  I will start adding Es.trace twice a day next week, and then progesterone in oil (PIO) shots starts a few days before the transfer.  To keep all these in order, I created a calendar on Microsoft Word with all the medications, shots and appointments so they are all visible and easier to keep track of.  Also, I added them to my calendar on my iPhone, with reminders so I don't forget (I already forgot to take Lup.ron once, and took it 2 hours later than usual).

Below are a couple of screen shots of both.  They are kinda small and may be hard to see the details, but you get the idea.

FET Calendar created on Microsoft Word

Shots, meds and apointments with reminders on my iCal
(this only shows FET related items)

How do/did you keep track of your meds?


  1. Glad to hear you made a decision about the order of the embryos and that you sound to relived and relaxed in your decision.

    To keep up with my meds I used one of the massive pill holders that are designed for a week with four time slots a day, but used it like a giant 28 day calendar. I put stickers on top for the days of the month and color coded stickers for the different medications so I would have a visual reminder each time the regiment changed throughout the cycle. I put all of my oral meds in the days pill holder so I would have any easy way to check if I could not remember if I had taken a pill.

  2. I printed out monthly calendars and wrote by hand what I needed to take each day. Seeing your calendar reminds me of our FET. I am praying you will be as blessed through EA as we have been...we are almost 25 weeks pregnant with our son now. :)

  3. My clinic sends a calendar done in Excel. But I enter it all into my Google Calendar with reminders so I never forget to take my meds. It's especially helpful because there's a crazy week before transfer where I'm on antibiotics, steroids, PIO, etc and it's a lot to keep track of. I just print that week's plan out from google calendar and it's really easy to cross each item off one by one. :)