Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"Coming Out" & Happenings

Yesterday, Liz from Wishing On A Snowflake posted that she created a new embryo adoption/donation group on Face.book.  It is set to a secret status, so only a current member of the group can add another person.  This group is meant for anyone on any step on the embryo adoption/donation journey.  If you are interested and want to be added to the group, please read her post here and email her at wishingonasnowflake@gmail.com.

So, I joined this group on Face.book.  In a way, I am "coming out", sort of.  Because I write this blog anonymously, people don't know who I am, other than my sister and a few friends in real life.  By joining this group, I am revealing my true identity, at least to those in this FB group.  It is a little nerve wrecking but exciting at the same time.  It's nice to meet others going through or have gone through the EA journey.  So if you are on the EA/ED journey, I invite you to join this group.

Today, I also emailed NEDC my Thaw and Transfer Instructions form.  This form indicates how many embryos we wish to transfer.  We have indicated we are willing to transfer 3 at the very most.  NEDC usually only transfers 2 embryos, unless the quality of the third is not great, then they will transfer up to three.

I took my last BCP (birth control pill) tonight.  Thank goodness!  I have been on BCP for 64 days straight.  Hopefully, my period will come soon though I have already been spotting for the last 2-3 weeks.  I have an appointment scheduled for Friday for blood work and an ultrasound to make sure my body is responding properly.

I think the only real side effect I am feeling from Lu.pron is hot flashes.  I'm also a kinda tired, but I'm also feeling under the weather.  I have been fighting an emerging cold for the last few days which started the day before I started Lu.pron shots.  So it's kinda difficult to tell if what I'm feeling is from the cold or the Lu.pron shots.

Only a little over 3 weeks before we hop on the plane to go meet our babies!


  1. Hi from ICLW...wishing you lots of luck on your cycle

  2. So glad to have you part of our FB group!!! :) I have a good feeling for you this cycle! Counting down the days for you!

  3. So excited to see you tomorrow night and get some in-person updates! ;)