Friday, August 23, 2013

Hello, Lupron!

Hello, Lu.pron, my old friend!

We finally meet again, after 3 2 long years.  I guess it is time to rekindle our friendship.  Please be kind to me this time around.  I hope you will keep your headaches, dizziness, and hot flashes to yourself.  Fortunately, I only have to maintain our friendship for less than 3 weeks, and only to once a day.

If it makes you feel any better, you will be happy to know that you have always been my "favorite" shot to give myself.  You are simple, quick, least painful, and have the smallest needles.

Still, I hope we will never have to be friends again after this.  I hope you understand.  No hard feelings.


  1. Lupron headaches are the worst headaches I have ever had. It made me so thankful for the common grace that my body normally produces called estrogen. ;)

  2. Hello from ICLW! Oh good luck with it all. We are about to wade back in (but only for a FET) and I am already dreading returning to metformin, fragmin, prednisone, etc.

  3. Hi from ICLW. I like the "hope we will never have to be friends again... no hard feeling." Really hope this is the magic cycle for you and the FET makes your dreams come true.

  4. Good luck with this cycle! All the IVF meds are certainly no fun to take, but if it results in a BFP it will all be worth it :)

  5. Totally got the Simon and Garfunkel song stuck in my head now ;)

    Headaches and hot flashes. Yep! I remember waking up drenched in sweat while Mat was cold next to me. It's worth it, though! Hang in there!