Friday, February 8, 2013


Waiting.  Again.

Ms. J, our social worker was supposed to call me today.  She was supposed to meet with the domestic adoption program  manager at our adoption agency to figure out how to proceed with our home study.  Received an email from her yesterday that RMI (Marshall Islands) will not let us proceed to adopt from there if we are planning on doing embryo adoption.  Sounds like none of the international programs would either, so we are probably going to have the home study written as a domestic adoption.  Maybe.  This is what I was supposed to find out.  Ms. J was supposed to call me today after she met with the program manager.  Nothing.

Also waiting to hear from NEDC.  On Tuesday, I received an email from the patient coordinator that they will get back to me within one week with a few dates for our initial appointment at NEDC.  I know, it's not a week yet, but was hoping to hear back from them before the one week is up.  Nope.

Now I will have to wait over the weekend to hear about either of these!


  1. Glad you posted on my blog! I look forward to following your journey. EA has been awesome for our family!

  2. i know it's hard to wait, but what an exciting time for you... things are happening!!!!