Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013 - Year of the Snake

Today, February 10, 2013 is the Chinese Lunar New Year. It is also the year of the snake.  Someone posted this picture on  I think it's pretty cool.  

What do you see? A snake?  The year 2013?  What about the word "love"?  Appropriate since Chinese New Year is so close to Valentine's Day this year.

Babe and I decided last minute to go out and have Chinese for dinner tonight.  Of course the discussion of embryo adoption came up at dinner time.  When the check came, guess what was in my fortune cookie?

"You will embark on a long and wonderful journey"!

It must be a sign!  Come on embryo adoption!


  1. Embryo adoption is such a blessing! Godspeed on your journey :)

    NEDC is awesome. Everyone there is so great to work with!

  2. that is so neat! Before we got Ayla I got a fortune cookie that said:
    "A pleasant surprise is soon in store for you!" :) I still have it on the fridge. i am a believer in signs :)

  3. Wow... another embryo adoption embarkee:):) I am excited for you! It has been such an amazing blessing and gift to our family! Saw you were following my blog... Will be praying for you as you start on this journey:):) I know how hard it can be...Keep perseveing... it will be worth the wait... :)

    1. Yes, I am excited! I'm excited to follow you too!

  4. I am so thrilled for you and embryo adoption! THRILLED. I know many, many, MANY sweet little ones in this world now as a result of that amazing gift!

    ANd I loved the graphic—I saw LOVE.