Thursday, February 21, 2013

"Good News"..... Kinda.

As you know, we have encountered a roadblock with our current adoption agency who has told us that we cannot complete a home study for embryo adoption.  This morning, Babe and I met up with the domestic adoption manager to talk things through.  She also invited the international adoption manager to the meeting.  We had a very good discussion and they were very willing to work with us within their agency's policy.   In the end, the decision was made that the agency WILL complete our international adoption home study, but they will then transfer the completed home study to another adoption agency that can work with NEDC.

So, the good news is they will complete our home study for us.  The not-so-great news is we still have to work with another agency to be able to adopt with NEDC.

We are OK with this.  At least we won't have to redo our entire home study again, and don't have to waste time and repeat the costs associated with things like fingerprints, background checks, training, etc.  We will still have to pay a home study fee with the new agency, though it is a little cheaper, around $1,000 cheaper.

I'm not sure yet what all the details will be yet with the new agency since we were playing phone tag today.  Also this new agency is only open Monday through Thursday.  So it won't be until Monday before I can speak with them.

The better news is NEDC has confirmed May 22nd as our initial visit. They will be sending me a packet of forms to complete and instructions to speak with the IVF nurse.  Hopefully I will get that on Monday.

Yesterday was kind of a hectic day, so when I did my post last night, I forgot to mention that I had an appointment with my gynecologist.  In the past, I've had a couple of surgeries to remove polyps in my uterus as this can interfere with implantation for pregnancy.  I had been going in annually to get ultrasounds done to make sure I don't have any polyps as they can return even after removal.  I skipped last year since I didn't do an IVF cycle.  My doctor said I have a "beautiful uterus," just waiting for a baby to implant an grow in there.  No polyps or other growths, and my lining was great.  Yay for my beautiful uterus!!  I'm all ready for NEDC!

The ultrasound tech also found that my right ovary was in a peculiar position.  It was sitting below the uterus.  This would make it difficult for natural conception if I had ovulated from the right ovary.  I vaguely remember this issue too, since at one of my IVF cycles, the doctor was not able to retrieve any eggs from the right ovary.  Well at this point, it doesn't really matter where my ovary is, since I won't be needing it for NEDC.


  1. NEDC cycle is a walk in the park compared to IVF cycle. I had a bad reaction to the OC they had me on, but aside from that, no ovulation stim meds! It was so much easier!

    Godspeed! :)

  2. So glad that you're on your way to getting your home studies completed!! Fantastic news! (here from ICLW)

  3. I'm glad to read that you don't have to repeat the entire homestudy! What a pain and expense that would have been. Ugg. Good luck as you move forward with the embryo adoption!