Wednesday, July 13, 2011


My beta is in 7 hours.... at 8 am.

How am I feeling about it?  Honestly, I'm not optimistic.

A couple of nights ago, Babe asked me if I am going to take a HPT (home pregnancy test).  Surprisingly, it never even occurred to me to take one.  This whole time (OK, it's only been a little over a week since my transfer) I never even thought too much about the beta or considered taking an HPT.  I have just been so busy at work.  I asked Babe if I should take one, but he didn't know.  Neither did I.  Still don't.

Well, I just checked my HPT test that has been laying in the back of my linen closet.  It expires in December 2011.  There's 2 in the box.  It's probably going to waste.  Since we started fertility treatments a while back, I've only taken a HPT once or twice.  Never needed to.  My period always came.  I think the last time I got my period the morning of my beta, even while on progesterone.

I think my HPT is going to waste.  Still can't bring myself to take it.  Like Babe said earlier tonight, if we don't take it, we have at least one more night of hope.

Hope.  I'm really not that hopeful.  Though I am hoping I will be surprised when the nurse or RE calls with the results in the afternoon.


  1. keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  2. I know how you feel, testing is so scary. I only took my HPT before my Beta because I had already decided there was NO way I was pregnant. I never had any intention to do it before that. Good luck today!!!

  3. I took my HPT the night before and the morning OF the beta and they were both negative. I was completely devastated and cried all day long, the whole time they were drawing blood, and even when they called with the result. Shockingly, it was positive! So you never know and even with a HPT you might be surprised. Don't take it! :) HOPING right along with you!!!!! :)

  4. thinking of you today! fingers crossed!

  5. Holding onto HOPE for you...and praying for your miracle.

    If it makes you feel better, I couldn't bear to take that test either. I wanted that glimmer of hope to last as long as possible.

    BIG HUGS and all things crossed

  6. Thinking of you and hoping for a BFP!!!!

  7. I hope the night passes quickly and you get good news tomorrow :)

  8. I'm sorry about the results of your beta. :( But I have been the same way with HPTs...I found a bunch under the bathroom sink last night and until I saw them, I hadn't really thought about taking one. I have my beta on Wed and now all I can think about is whether I should take one and just get the bad news out of the way or not...