Monday, July 4, 2011

Reality Check & Blessings of Technology

If you have been following my journey from the beginning, you may or may not know that prior to my first 2 IVF cycles done here in MN, I did one cycle of IVF overseas.  This happened in 2009 when I was back in my home country for 3 months.  There are reasons why I did it there, which I will not go into now.  I've always only referred to this cycle as my third, but in reality, it is my third done here, but my fourth in total.

I did some digging today and pulled up my IVF report from that cycle done overseas.  During that cycle, I had 12 eggs retrieved, out of these 8 fertilized and cleaved.  Out of the 8, only 2 had kept growing till day 5.  We transferred both of those, and obviously, I didn't get pregnant with that cycle.

So, even though I am happy at how this cycle has turn out compared to the last 2, with having 6 eggs fertilized, I have to confess that I am worried that I may not have the results I am hoping for.  I'm afraid that I may find out at the clinic that I only have one or two that is in a decent enough shape to transfer.  Or worse yet, I may get a call at 8 am saying, sorry, but your embryos arrested this morning, and it's a no go.

I know, I shouldn't worry about it, because there is nothing do about it now.  It's all out of my hands.  Still, I can't help but worry......

Switching gears......

Tonight, my sister and her husband, myself and Babe chatted for a while over Skype.  In our families (Babe and I), only my sister and her husband knows in depth about our infertility, as well as the details about how many cycles of IVF we have gone through.  We were able to chat over my MacBook, and their iPhone.  The best part was when they prayed over us.  Over Skype. How cool is that?  What a blessing technology can be.

This is it.  Transfer day, here we come!


  1. Today is going to be awesome. Making it to day 5 is incredible and increases your chances of getting pregnant by so much. I have been having similar feelings to you. Last transfer I had two grade 1, 8 cell embryos and they didn't stick. It just makes me worry that having less than perfect embies means I won't get my BFP. I am keeping that thought in the back of my head and staying positive because I just have to believe this is going to work! Good luck today!!

  2. Hope you get a good result!!