Sunday, July 3, 2011

Next Up... Transfer

We didn't get a call from the clinic yesterday, so that was a relief.  Instead the Embrology lab called this morning while we were at our church's 4th of July Freedom Celebration service.  Of course, I had the phone on silent when the call came, so the lab left a message.

Our transfer is tomorrow, Monday 4th of July, at 10:45 am.  At 9:45 am, I will need to empty my bladder, take my Val.ium tablet, and start drinking water to make sure my bladder is full at transfer.  This is really tricky because if you don't have a full enough bladder, they will need to insert a catheter into my bladder to fill it up.  Don't want to have to do that!  So far in the past, I've had no issues with making sure my bladder is full.  It is keeping the bladder full during and after transfer that is the issue.  I just remember dying to pee during and after the transfer.  After transfer, you have to lay there for a while.  That's the hardest part.  Then when you are finally allowed to get up, you can barely walk to the bathroom because you have to pee so bad!

Anyway, when the lab left a message, they didn't give me an update on the statuses of the embryos, other than when they looked on Saturday, they were still growing and dividing.  They would have called if there were concerns or changes.  I should have called this  morning, but since it was a weekend, they had a short day, so I decided against it.  So, right now I have no idea how many embryos are still growing, or at what stages they are at.  The real test will be tomorrow morning, when they look at where the embryos are then.  If they embryos are slow, they may wait and do a day 6 transfer, but right now that is unlikely.

We've never had to make a decision on how many to transfer before, and we hope that tomorrow, we will have the change to experience that for the first time.

Please continue to pray for my little embabies (embryo/babies)!  Will update tomorrow.


  1. Awesome news, good luck with the transfer tomorrow!

  2. Hooray for good news!!! I'm so very excited for you and can't wait for a great report!!! :)