Friday, July 1, 2011

Fertilization Update

The embryology lab called this afternoon.

Found out that instead of 11 eggs as we originally thought, we actually had 12 eggs retrieved!  That's the most we've ever had.

Out of the 12, 8 were mature, and out of that, 6 have fertilized and are now dividing.  This again is the most fertilized eggs we've had so far among the 3 cycles.  So we are pretty excited.

The eggs were of various quality, and were between 2 - 5 cells each, and that is pretty decent for retrieval +2 days.  Sounds like the fertilized eggs are rated at Grade 2, which again is decent.  The nurse said that Grade 1 is not that common, and they would be worried of the eggs were at Grade 3.

Again, we are optimistic, but also trying to be realistic.  Based our past history, we know that a lot can still go wrong.

Here's how the last couple of cycles went:
Cycle 1: 8 eggs retrieved from one ovary, 6 were mature, only 2 fertilized naturally. Nothing to transfer because the embryos arrested by day 4.
Cycle 2: 7 eggs retrieved from both ovaries, only 3 were mature and ICSI'd, only 2 fertilized. Had a day 3 transfer, instead of a day 5
All in all though, it looks like this cycle is doing better than the others.  Because we have 6 fertilized eggs, the plan is still to have a day 5 transfer.  The clinic will call again with another update on Sunday.  Unless things change, they will call tomorrow (Saturday) morning. 
I have to say though that I am pleasantly surprised by how this cycle is turning out so far (touch wood!  Hope I didn't jinx it!).  I was actually feeling quite discouraged and almost hopeless when I started this cycle.  During the last 2 cycles, I was not working, worked out at the gym, ate healthy, took chinese herbs and did acupunture.  This time, because I am now working, I have been working long hours, have not gotten enough sleep, have not been eating well, have not worked out in months, and skipped the chinese medicine and acupuncture.  Yet things have been going better than before.  So, I am praying that this will continue.
I started my tetra.cycline (antibiotics) right after egg retrieval, and have to continue taking that until tomorrow night.  Also started my Endo.metrion suppositories this morning.  Not fun.  Feeling lots of bloating, worse than when on stims, and also kind of constipated.  I'll have to continue taking it until my beta.
So, I won't have any updates until Sunday (hopefully, unless things change).  So in the mean time, I would appreciate prayers for my eggs/embryos to continue to be grow and be healthy, and make it to transfer.  I've never dared to even think this, but please pray for the possibility that we may have extra embryos to freeze too!


  1. I'm so glad that this cycle is going better- and it's going so well! 6 eggs that are dividing is great news! I'm thinking lots of good thoughts for you. Wishing you the very, very best.

  2. I'm praying for maturing embryos that are thrilled to be transferred and nestle in nice and snug for the duration!!! Also praying for frozen embryos, as I know that is a great feeling too and I want that for you!!! Please keep us updated, so glad to know things are going well!!!!

  3. Wow, your numbers are almost exactly the same as mine. We will have to make sure to support each other during our 2ww. I hope the embies work hard tonight and you have plenty of beauties to choose from tomorrow. Are you doing a 3 day transfer?

  4. It's nice to hear that things are going better this time - keep praying and keep your hopes up:-)